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Our Earth Art classes include elements of earth science, art history, artistic skill and technique building, and sometimes conservation, while getting to use many quality art materials and natural items hand selected straight from the outdoors. Our focus is on learning where our materials are coming from and how to use them to create, classical art concepts and techniques, and the process of creating art from the heart. Most classes are geared towards homeschool students in the Cobb County and Greater Atlanta areas in the 6-12 year age range. New in 2021: We are now also offering earth science classes, both group and private class options (with no art element), more closely related to our previous year-round programming. 

Thank you Atlanta Insider for including us on your list of the 22 Best Atlanta Homeschool Days and Programs. If you'd like to take a look inside the Earth Art classes, you can view some past classes HERE. More information on Earth Art classes and upcoming dates can be found HERE

Upcoming Classes:

* Fall classes have now concluded, but...
* Private Workshops are available! In-person, indoors or outdoors, or virtual options available and now booking for November 2021- February 2022. 

More class details and registration can be found HERE