Family Holiday Photos 2020

You may remember our wacky family holiday photos from a few years ago... the year my mom finally let me do something out of the box and a little crazy for my parents holiday card. Until then, it was always a nicely dressed group photo, smiling in typical fashion for the camera. We weren't sure if we'd be able to top that with another fun and unique "winner", but we think we've done it!! 

Behold the family portrait session in the year of Covid-19. Full of horror with a side of silliness, and of course with a necessary nod to toilet paper, masks and PPE, and improper wildlife handling.

So if you're ever in the market for dumping those traditional family photo sessions full of stress, matching outfits, and faux holiday sets, you know who to call- Ghostbusters! Just kidding, me, call me. 


New Earth Art Kit- A Little Bit of Magic


*NEW* A Little Bit of Magic Kit includes: 1 charcoal drawing stick, 1 rainbow crayon, 1 beeswax stick, 1 golden earth pigment, 1 container of mica (aka Earth's glitter), 1 muslin collection bag, 12 circular sheets of watercolor paper, a real gemstone, and a holographic heart. 

I currently have six art kit options in-stock for this holiday season! Front porch and local delivery, and shipping options available. View options and details, and order a kit HERE. You can also opt to "donate a kit", which will get delivered to someone in our community this holiday season who may need a little extra cheer. 

Place your order Black Friday through Cyber Monday (11/27- 11/30), and receive your choice of a bonus recycled swirl crayon, charcoal crayon, or wax stick. 


New Photos

Simply put, just sharing a few new photos from this autumn season...