New photos added

New photos were recently added to the series Microcosm Compositions and are now in the gallery on the website. But don't forget, the best place to see new work when it's released and learn about what's in the images is over here.



NEWS: Website Sale, Mock-ups, and More!

I'm excited to announce that I'll be returning again this year to aid in the research and conservation efforts of loggerhead sea turtles off the coast of Georgia! This means all sales this month go directly to associated costs with my upcoming volunteer trip. If you've been eyeing a specific piece, now is the time to go ahead and get it, and support a great cause in the process!   

So, lets start this list of announcements off with a big SALE!!

Site-wide SALE: February only, get 20% OFF everything on the site! Use code: LOVE2021. Choose a fine art print, clearance or limited edition item, or an art kit. ALL items on the website are 20% off this month. Sale ends February 28th. It's the perfect time to purchase something for a loved one for Valentine's Day, another special occasion, or a treat for yourself. 

+ Art kits are being closed out and will no longer be available on the website once they are sold out, so this is your last chance to get a handmade kit with quality, earth-friendly, locally sourced, and non-toxic art supplies!

New website feature: When ordering a custom canvas print (available in the Blue Marble Stew and Collections galleries), you now have the option to view a mockup of print size on a variety of wall spaces, as well as the option to custom crop an image for your print. 

Currently booking private Earth Art classes: I'm currently booking private art classes, available in a variety of locations for February through May. No classes will be held in the month of June. Book a workshop or series of classes for one, or for a small group. A variety of topics for all ages are available to choose from. More details can be found here

Framing mock-ups: I've absolutely loved seeing all the photos sent in from everyone this past year who shared how they framed their BlondeShot Creative prints- Thank you for sharing! Framing can completely change the way an image looks, and can be such a difficult decision, especially if you're stepping out of the box of a traditional white mat and black frame. To get those wheels turning (and to go along with that new print you'll be ordering this month), I wanted to share some mat and frame mock-ups. 

Ready to find a print to fit that blank space in your home, office, or business? Head right here- https://gallery.blondeshotcreative.com


Family Holiday Photos 2020

You may remember our wacky family holiday photos from a few years ago... the year my mom finally let me do something out of the box and a little crazy for my parents holiday card. Until then, it was always a nicely dressed group photo, smiling in typical fashion for the camera. We weren't sure if we'd be able to top that with another fun and unique "winner", but we think we've done it!! 

Behold the family portrait session in the year of Covid-19. Full of horror with a side of silliness, and of course with a necessary nod to toilet paper, masks and PPE, and improper wildlife handling.

So if you're ever in the market for dumping those traditional family photo sessions full of stress, matching outfits, and faux holiday sets, you know who to call- Ghostbusters! Just kidding, me, call me.