NEW Limited Edition Miniatures!

It's launch and release day and I'm dropping my first ever set of miniatures! The series includes 4 sets of framed images from the photography series Microcosm Compositions. Each frame is about 2"-3" with an archival print backed in black velvet, and with a black satin ribbon for hanging. Each set comes with two selected images, or you can get the entire series (8 images) altogether. These are handmade in a limited edition run of only 3 each! 

These are super cute to display within a gallery or salon wall, which is a collection of items, framed artwork, photographs, and/or personal treasures hung in a grouping. You can also put one on a miniature easel on a dresser, curio shelf, bookcase, or display case. Another alternative is to hang them in a dollhouse (see bottom of post).   

Ready to grab a set? --> Get your miniatures HERE!


Marvelous Artists Book

The first Marvelous Artists Book was released this February and includes 124 pieces of artwork by 31 International Artists, including four images by myself, all working in different disciplines. If you have a Kindle Unlimited account, you can take a look for free, or a paperback version is available for purchase on Amazon. To see a flip-through video of the inside of the book, visit my IG post

Thank you to Marvelous Art Gallery for including my artwork in your publication!


New photos added

New photos were recently added to the series Microcosm Compositions and are now in the gallery on the website. But don't forget, the best place to see new work when it's released and learn about what's in the images is over here.