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Related Certifications:
- Zoonoses for Wildlife Rehabilitators, IWRC (2021)
- Project WET, Certified Educator (2021)
- Ocean Sustainability & Conservation Certificate, SDG Academy (2019)
- Project Learning Tree: Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood, Certified Educator (2016)
- NOLS Wilderness Medicine Certified (2017-2019)

Related Work & Volunteer Experience:
- Explore Wildwood, Program Director & Environmental Educator (2015-)
- Caretta Research Project, Research Assistant Volunteer (2021, 2019)
- Wildlife Resources & Education Network (WREN), Volunteer Wildlife Transporter (2021-)
- Our Giving Garden, Volunteer (2019-)
- Science.Art.Wonder selected artist (2018-2019)
- Cobb County Watershed Stewardship Program, Volunteer (2017-2018)

Honors & Awards:
- Green Difference Award for Outstanding Green Education/ Program Director (2017) Explore Wildwood 
- Eco Schools USA Silver Award (2017), Bronze Award (2016) Explore Wildwood 
- 22 Best Atlanta Homeschool Days & Programs, Atlanta Insider (2016) Earth Art Classes/Explore Wildwood

Current Memberships:
Turtle Survival Alliance/ North American Freshwater Turtle Research Group

* Art related education and CV is available on the "Artist CV" page.

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Workshops, Classes, & Lectures: Section Under Construction!

Private classes are a great option for those who want one-on-one attention, more time for advanced instruction, have specific health considerations, or who want to schedule something for a family or private group. Large group visits are also perfect for camps, schools, homeschool groups, daycares, clubs, and more. Lectures may include a group story, Q&A, hands-on time with specimens or materials, a craft, handouts, and/or an interactive activity. Small class instruction is available for 1-10 participants, and large group visits available for groups of 10-100 participants. Most topics can be modified for any age group, including children and adults. See available topics below and email me to discuss your specific needs and to book a visit. 

- Science Class Topics: Animal Bones, Teeth, & Shells; Turtles & Tortoises; Sea Turtle Science and Conservation; Animal Conservation vs. Rehabilitation; Exploring in Nature (educational guided hike with local flora & fauna + safety tips).

- Art Class Topics: Charcoal, Handmade Earth Paints, Wax, Mica, & Gyotaku (see descriptions below)
- Charcoal- We'll discuss how it's made, uses for it both inside and outside of art, & drawing techniques. We will also talk a bit about the history of it, survival applications, and good foraging practices. This is a fun and messy medium, and doesn't require much precision, and students will love getting to test out different types of charcoal in this hands-on class. A related story will also be included for younger audiences. (Good for small or large groups)
- Handmade Earth Paints- We'll discuss the process and benefits of making homemade paints from the earth, good foraging practices, and binders. We will then hand-crush some pigments together and paint with them. (Small groups)
 - Wax and Crayons- We'll discuss how and what crayons are made of and uses for beeswax in various art forms. I'll demo a wax stamp, we'll test some different types of crayons, and we'll make a hand-rolled beeswax candle. (Small groups)
 - Earth's Glitter, Mica- In this class, we'll learn all about the mineral mica. How to find it, what it is, historical uses for it, why it's a great alternative to traditional glitter, and ways to use it in our art. We will then craft a small art piece with the material. (Small groups)
 - Gyotaku (fish) Printing- We'll discuss this ancient art form, where it originated from and why, and then combine various paint types to create a fish print. (Small groups)

Email me: blondeshotcreative(at)