Lots of NEW this Fall!

I'm kicking off the fall season with NEW updates to my website, and lots of NEW public and private class offerings! 

The website albums have been updated, including a new gallery which is a new sub-series, and of course some new images as well. Be sure to take a look the updated site HERE

Three new public educational events (+ 1 more on the way) have been posted and are open for registration. PLUS, loads of new private class topics and descriptions of those workshops have been added to the Wildwood website and are ready for you to take a look and book something for your group. Find them all HERE.  

And as a reminder, if you want to stay updated on new photographs, classes, and behind-the-scenes conservation work, be sure to follow me on IG! I post loads of stuff in the stories, which I don't post on any other platform. 


ISO Specific Field Projects...

Image from a previous camera trapping project I ran some years back

Just putting this out there in case someone sees it and the stars align!

ISO a local(ish) field project that will let me join in and volunteer my time on that specifically deals with one of the following: GPS or telemetry tracking, camera trapping, or thermal imaging. Open to any projects except those focused on avian species, and willing to travel to a neighboring state short term (GA, AL, FL, TN, SC, NC). And/or also looking for a project working with gopher tortoises, box turtles, diamondback terrapins, or head starting (chelonian eggs). If you know of any projects that might be a good fit, please send them my way! Email: blondeshotcreative(at)gmail.com


Photo website news!

I love this series so much, and hope you do too! There's currently 42 images in the series Microcosm Compositions, including a few new ones that were recently added. Some of these will be getting removed next month though, during a website and series refresh. So if you haven't taken a look in a while and want to see some images that may not be there soon, go take a look- https://gallery.blondeshotcreative.com/gallery/MicrocosmCompositions/home

And don't forget that part of all sales from prints goes directly towards conservation projects!