New Earth Science Classes


I'm so excited to be offering another session of classes this fall for our local homeschool community through Explore Wildwood, in a wonderful outdoor environment! This fall we're learning all about sea turtles in a highly hands-on set of classes with lots of simulated scenarios and mock rescues. In addition to the session, I also have an "all ages" workshop on an Intro. to Turtles, Terrapins, & Tortoises. Full details and registration can be found here- http://www.explorewildwood.com/p/art-classes.html

NEW in 2021: Science class topics for small private classes and large group visits! Choose from: Animal Bones, Teeth, & Shells; Turtles & Tortoises; Sea Turtle Science and Conservation; Animal Conservation vs. Rehabilitation; Exploring in Nature (educational guided hike with local flora & fauna + safety tips).


Indie Arts Alliance Railside Gallery

Now on display behind the Smyrna History Museum, in the Indie Arts Alliance Railside Gallery in Smyrna, GA! Thankful to be a part of another great public art exhibition. This show is small but mighty, and it may be one of my favorite reveals of one of my images on a panel yet- I absolutely love how this photo translated to the medium! If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and check out both sides of the rail behind the museum for some great local art.