NEW Private Art Class Offerings (for kids and adults)

Have a child (or adult) that is interested in taking one of my Earth Art classes? Perfect! I'm now offering private virtual or in-person options for individuals, families, and small friend groups. Take a virtual class from anywhere (you don't have to be Georgia bound!!), and pick a day and time that works best for your schedule. New adult workshops are currently only being offered locally. 

A full list of private class options is now available and open for registration- http://www.explorewildwood.com/p/art-classes.html 

Prefer a (public) group class? The listings for local fall classes and workshops will be available soon! I'm currently finalizing dates for fall classes that will run September-November.  


M2R Trailfest is now in Acworth!

The M2R Fence Gallery is now on display in downtown Acworth! What a great year to be a part of this- It's pretty exciting that this wonderful public art exhibit will be traveling through the different cities in Cobb County over the next year. Three of my images can be found around the Logan Farm Park playground fence. If you missed the art in Marietta, now's a great time to get outdoors, social distance, and view lots of art in a variety of styles! 

The Acworth gallery map can be found here for anyone that wants to venture out to visit it- https://acworthtourism.org/m2r-fence-gallery-acworth-installation/

Update: Found it! My 4th piece is directly across from Acworth Bookstore and Coffee Shop on Main St. in downtown Acworth.


I'm on Instagram, finally!

Hi hi! I finally took the leap and joined Instagram the other week. I'm still learning the platform and trying to figure it all out, but I'm ready to connect with others over there! I'm sharing lots of behind the scenes info. on my photos and subjects, little stories, and other fun things that I don't share here, or on any other social media platform. So please come give me a follow --> https://www.instagram.com/blondeshotcreative/