Microcosm Compositions, part 9

I've been shooting a lot of new images for the series, and what has come out of the last few months is below... If you need a refresher, want to see the entire series together, or want to order a print, head here to my website. And if you are enjoying this series and my work, please share it with others! 



The 48-hour summer flash SALE starts right now and runs through Friday, June 26th! My website and albums will be getting a face lift soon, and I'll be removing about 10-14 images, plus the smallest print size option in the Microcosm Compositions album- this will be your last chance to get those selected images as prints. 

I've also reduced standard shipping costs on regular prints, and added an expedited option. This is THE largest sale I've ever offered, with ALL prints being 30% OFF. Take your pick from all three image galleries, with a standard archival print or a canvas print. PLUS, everything in the Clearance Sale album is ALSO available for 30% off. 

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Chase the Light

The image below will be available in the virtual exhibition starting tonight, June 20th. I shot it during a 48-hr. window specifically for this exhibition. All proceeds from the sales go to support Photographic Center Northwest, Northwest Harvest (hunger relief), and Black Lives Matter (Seattle-King County). And if you miss the big event tonight, all remaining images will be available starting tomorrow for only $25! Come take a look and snag a new piece of artwork. 


Two new for Blue Marble Stew

I've been focusing so much on my other current series, that it's been a little while since I've shot anything for Blue Marble Stew, but I finally got a few new shots in that I've had in mind for a while!

If you want to view the entire Blue Marble Stew series, or order a print, head over here, and if you want some "behind the scenes" info. on each shot, head over to Instagram, where I share (or will share) some details about the creation of individual shots and related educational topics.


Microcosm Compositions, part 8

In case you missed it, I'm now on Instagram, and I'm showing some exclusive looks at my new work over there FIRST! Come check it out.


Skull Client Work

It's an especially great time right now to do a little barter work! When we can support each others work and small businesses, everyone wins. 

K & S Skulls uses dermestid beetles in a really fascinating process to clean animal skulls and bones, and they are located right down the road in Hiram, GA. 

It was great to be able to shoot some of their work for them, and then get to use these guys in my personal work (coming soon).

If you want to see some of my newest artwork even sooner, head over to Instagram! I finally broke down and joined, and I'll be offering some exclusive looks at my new work over there in the coming weeks.