New Earth Art Classes, Spring 2020

Join us for this session of Earth Art classes for homeschoolers, where we'll focus on an intersection of art, handcrafts, fine motor skill development, and science. We'll discuss the anatomy of our hands and how these important tools help artists and artisans in their trades. We'll do hand warm up exercises and play art games, as we strengthen our fine motor skills. We'll also take a peek at a few artists who rely heavily on their hands to create unique artworks, and even how hands can be important in communication, cultural ceremonies, and more. In addition to some practice exercises, students will go home at the end of Part 1 with two completed art projects. Part 2 is an (optional) continuation where we'll delve into the handcraft of crochet, and students will learn the basics of creating with a hook, yarn, and of course their hands. 

Select Wednesdays February 12th- April 1st in Marietta, GA. Find the full details and registration HERE.

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