Earth Art Class Summer Roundup

I'm a little behind on this post, but our summer session of Earth Art classes were fantastic! We focused on photography and printmaking (my specialty), by learning about some photo and print history, different kinds of printmaking, got to play with old camera equipment and film pieces, learned how to set up and shoot in a studio, print fish, and use the sun to print with. Here's a roundup of images from this session, with more photos and details being found HERE.

Want to learn more about Earth Art classes, what they're all about, and when the next open class is happening? Find the details HERE.


Pin-Ups at The Art Station, Big Shanty

It has become a yearly tradition that my daughter and I work on some art pieces together to put into this annual all-ages art show at The Art Station. I usually work on something different than I would normally exhibit, and just enjoy the process of taking time to create together. This year, we themed our entries to go together, as "underwater" pieces. We each created a Gyotaku (fish) print, which we worked on during my summer Earth Art session, and then Gemma painted "Sea Ball" with watercolors and homemade rock paints, and I re-worked a 3-color etching I had created a few years ago. I had been thinking about how I could update some of my older work that I have sitting around, and this was the perfect time to do some experimenting. I went back into the piece and added a little watercolor, and homemade rock, mineral, and patina paints to it, to add some texture, depth, and more color variation. 

This is a fun little show that is family-friendly, and will be up until September 29th for viewing.