Graduation and Business Portraits

Whether you're graduating from high school, college, or graduate school, or setting out for your first professional job, it's a big deal! And you'll not only want to capture this time but have a great portrait to put on your announcements. Do you have your senior portrait or graduation portrait sessions booked yet? If not, we're offering a special for March and April only! Come in to our studio and get your school, graduation, or professional business portrait made for only $80!! Email us for more info. and to book a spot today.


Featured In: The Simple Things Magazine

It's such a great honor to be featured in the UK print magazine The Simple Things (very similar to Real Simple, beautiful layout and design, but less fluff and less ads) this month! Back in January, I spent some time taking photos of a good chunk of my camera collection for them, and had a phone interview with one of their writers. The article is for their on-going feature "The Collector", and routes itself of course on my photographic collection. But, we also discussed all kinds of other photography topics, past and present, and my photography book even got a mention (which was a surprise since we didn't even discuss it during our interview)! Since it's a UK mag, I have the article posted below for you, but you can also purchase a print copy here

click on the photos to enlarge and read