Gemma Grows, Part 9

Since we're past the 1-year mark now, I've reduced the "Gemma Grows" shoots down to one every two months. So, here's her 14 month photos. Happy Holidays!


Global Winter Wonderland

This past weekend we went to the Global Winter Wonderland holiday light display event in Atlanta. When deciding which light display to do this year, I chose this one since it is its first year in Atlanta, and I have no idea if it will be an annual event or a one-time thing. Also, it's a little different then the other light displays. There were huge "lanterns", or lit structures that are covered in silk. Most of the lanterns are of historical landmarks from around the world. In addition to the lanterns, there were some other types of lights, a lantern maze, a carnival section with rides, an international food court, live performances, Santa, fake snow coming down (in certain areas), and a small circus performance.

We were there on a night when the weather was warm but iffy (and ended up pouring rain towards the end), so it wasn't crowded which was nice. We missed the performances, but the lanterns were quite breathtaking! (I got to take my "big girl camera" to this event- 2 in the past couple months, wow!)