Gemma Grows, Part 9

Since we're past the 1-year mark now, I've reduced the "Gemma Grows" shoots down to one every two months. So, here's her 14 month photos. Happy Holidays!


Global Winter Wonderland

This past weekend we went to the Global Winter Wonderland holiday light display event in Atlanta. When deciding which light display to do this year, I chose this one since it is its first year in Atlanta, and I have no idea if it will be an annual event or a one-time thing. Also, it's a little different then the other light displays. There were huge "lanterns", or lit structures that are covered in silk. Most of the lanterns are of historical landmarks from around the world. In addition to the lanterns, there were some other types of lights, a lantern maze, a carnival section with rides, an international food court, live performances, Santa, fake snow coming down (in certain areas), and a small circus performance.

We were there on a night when the weather was warm but iffy (and ended up pouring rain towards the end), so it wasn't crowded which was nice. We missed the performances, but the lanterns were quite breathtaking! (I got to take my "big girl camera" to this event- 2 in the past couple months, wow!)


Etsy Holiday Specials!

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Georgia Holiday Activities and Events (Guest post link)

I have a guest post up the new website Smyrna Parent, with a very comprehensive list of family-friendly holiday activities and events near and far (Georgia). Be sure to check it out, there's some gems in there that you won't find on those other holiday "to do" lists! Oh yeah, and some of my photos are included of course  

* Find it HERE * 


Hot Air Balloon Glow

This past weekend we went to a hot air balloon glow/ Halloween event in Kennesaw, GA. I actually took my "big" camera to the event (this is something pretty much unheard of since having a baby). I wish I had taken my wide angle lens, but I was trying to pack light :) Anyways, here's a few shots from the night...


Gemma Grows, Part 8

This little girl is now ONE! I can't believe it, the past 12 months has gone by so fast.


Jim and Susan

(Susan and Jim, aka Oma and Grandpa + their granddaughter)


Maternity Photos, Why Bother?

Why would you want to consider having professional maternity photos taken? I mean, you're probably uncomfortable, you may not feel your best physically, maybe you're tired and it's becoming more difficult to move around, and the baby isn't here yet to show off. All probably true. But, have you considered the positive reasons for why you might want to do it? Here are a few reasons to think about...

* It's a special time to celebrate- Any celebration is a good reason to have photos taken so you can remember how excited you were.

* It's "nesting" time- There's so much that goes into the preparations for a new baby on the way, but having photos made is one of the fun things to do.

* This is a rare time in your life when your body will be very different than it ever has been, and will be in the future- Have it documented! Some pregnant women feel big and gross, and others feel sexy with their growing baby bellies. Regardless of how you feel, if you have the right photographer, they can make you look great, and feel good about it!

* This may be your last chance (for awhile) to have couple portraits or individual portraits of just yourself made- Lets face it, all of your professional photos for the next 18 years will probably be family portraits including the kids.

* Use the photo session as a time to connect with your partner- The hour or two you will spend together with your photographer should be fun, stress-free, and a great time to connect with your partner and your baby.

* You can actually use the photos for things other than to frame on your wall- Put them on your baby shower invites, for a display at the shower, or on thank you cards. Plus, they will be a great addition to a baby book! In addition to your ultrasound images, baby shower invite, birth certificate or hospital cards, and of course baby photos and first year milestones, you'll want to include your maternity photos, and pictures of the nursery.