Introducing Baby Gemma (Gemma Grows Part 1)

My sweet girl finally decided to arrive (2 1/2 weeks after her due date) on 10/24. So, here's the first of probably many photo posts of our little Gemma...


Ghost Hunting Camera

Last year I found this fun little 35mm disposable "ghost hunting" camera. I finally got the film developed and since it's almost Halloween, thought it was the perfect time to share a few shots...

It was interesting to see how the photos came out since when you're taking them, you have no idea where the ghosts (or what kind of ghosts) will show up!


An Update

You have probably noticed that things have been quiet around here... we've been so busy getting all of the last minute baby prep tasks done at home, and trying to prep work for my maternity leave! My due date is now 2 weeks away, and baby could come anytime. So needless to say, things will continue to be quite quiet around here for a bit longer, but hopefully after settling in and after the holidays I'll start posting more again.

Until then, I wanted to share one last "recent article" with you...

Muli-Lens Cameras- Read about six different types of cameras that have more than one lens.



*New* Referral Cards

I have new business cards AND a great new referral program! Here's how it works…

*Updated program details Here*



1st Birthday Invites

I love seeing clients use their photos for things like party invites and announcements! (The black and white photos on the invite above were done by me for Keiras shoot)

See also- envelope liners made from photos


Recent Articles

In addition to actually taking photos, I also write about photography for various websites. Occasionally, I post links to some of those posts and articles...

from Photography and Printmaking article

* Photography and Printmaking (Part 2. I talk specifically about using photography in stone lithography and polyester plate lithography.)

* The Camera Bag Guide (If you've ever wondered what kind of camera bag you need, this covers styles, brands, materials, sizing, pros and cons, and other tips for choosing the right bag for you and your equipment.)

* Tips for Buying Used Camera Equipment (guest post on iheartfaces)




Polaroid "passport camera" diptychs taken on Fuji 100 "pull apart" instant film


A New Maternity Series

I started a new self-portrait, silhouette maternity series. I'll be taking new photos about every 4-6 weeks. Here's the first two...

13 weeks

17.5 weeks

... more to come in the following months!



This past weekend I had a lovely shoot with the sweetest little girl, Keira. She is seriously one of the most well behaved babies I have ever met and not only is she cute, but she is such a pretty baby! It was hard to choose my favorites form our session, but here's a few...


Recent Articles

Like reading about photography topics? Check out a few of my recent articles...

* Memory Cards- Compatibility, Error Codes, and Health (This is a good topic for anyone who has a digital camera!)

* An Introduction To Setting Up A Darkroom (If you're interested in setting up a darkroom at home to develop and print film)

+ Check out some of these great guest posts on the KEH Blog...

* Top 10 Tips For Traveling With Photo Gear

* Photo Preservation Series (Starts with part 1/3.)

* Tips For Getting The Best From Your Photo Lab (good for anyone who gets film developed or prints made at a lab)


A house, a dog, and a surprise on the way

It's been forever since I've posted here.... posts have been few and far between since last fall. There's been a LOT going on around here, so I figured it was time for an update.

First, we bought a new house, and spent months fixing it up. We still have things to do (and a room full of boxes to unpack), but the main things are finally complete. Here's a few sneak peak photos...

Then, we got a new dog... and boy has he been a handful of gigantic puppy! His name is Lunch Meat...

And finally, the other thing that has been sucking a lot of my time away is...

...We have a baby on the way! So you know, I've been tired and had doctors appointments and all of those fun things. I'm due early October, so still have a ways to go.

I hope everyone is doing wonderfully and although posting has been, and probably will continue to be slow, know that I'm still here and will continue to post when I get the time.


Making Cheese

Today was a first for me, making my own cheese! It wasn't too difficult, but I certainly learned a few things for the next time I try to make some. It tastes pretty good but feels even better that I made CHEESE with my own two hands. Just a few quick photos taken during the process...