KY to TN to Home

Once we left Kentucky, we headed for an overnight in Nashville on the way home. We stopped in the couture cowboy designer Manuel's, met up with a friend for lunch, visited the Grand Ole Opry for a behind the scenes tour, went out to a fancy dinner, stayed in a boutique hotel, and then ate breakfast the next morning (where Jack White happened to come in and sit at the table next to ours) all before heading home.

The Opry is open again after the Nashville floods

The Opry post office! You don't need the address to mail a letter here to any of the member, just address it to their name and "The Grand Ole Opry" and it will get there.

Mailbox #162 is Brad Paisleys and 163 is Dolly Partons.

The Women of Country dressing room

Inside the Women of Country dressing room backstage

The stage

Had to add this one in... us on the circle!
At dinner, they brought us desserts for our anniversary, so sweet. Banana beignets with peanut butter ice cream.

We stayed in Hotel Preston, a departure from our normal Nashville hotel. Why did we choose this place? Because you could ask for a fish, lava lamp, or milk and cookies at check in. We ordered a fish and got that and a lava lamp delivered to our door for the night. Crazy!

Heading home...

around Chattanooga


KY part 3- Dinos, Caves, and more.

Next up in the Kentucky trip photos we visit Dinosaur World in Cave City...

This kid was so cute. I told him I liked his hat and he chased me down doing a dinosaur scare walk yelling at me to take his picture. 

Once we left Cave City, we headed down to Bowling Green and went to the Lost River Cave, an underground river that runs through one of the many caves of Kentucky. We took a boat ride down part of the river in the dark caverns beneath the city.

One part of the cave was so low that we had to duck our heads really low so we didn't hit them on the cave ceiling. 

In the 1930's they opened an underground night club at the mouth of the cave since there was no air conditioner and this was the coolest place to be. 

And some random fun signs from around Bowling Green...

Up next, Nashville!


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KY part 2- Kangaroos and Horses

Back to Kentucky photos... we visited Kentucky Down Under and got a chance to pet kangaroos! It was pretty awesome. A bunch of them had little joeys in their pouches...

Kangaroos don't sweat well, so they rub mud on their legs to keep cool

And we went horseback riding too....


Kentucky part 1

As you may know, Skip and I recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and went on a little road trip to celebrate. We visited Kentucky first, and stayed in Wigwam Village in Cave City for two nights...

The wigwams were small and not very comfortable, but they were clean and a fun, different experience. (I have a special photo shoot from this location coming later)

We visited multiple tourist attractions in and around Cave City including Gun Town Mountain...

We rode an old rickety chair lift to the top of the mountain and when we got there realized there wasn't much up there. A few live shows and a small faux western town front and that's about it.

A few shots from an antique shop around the corner from Guntown...

more attractions coming in part 2...