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Western shelf display

It's that time again, time for a new mantle/shelf display. I went with a western cowboy theme...

Items included are a mixture of vintage finds, gifts, wedding decor, & other small things. 

The red and natural flowers and wheat was my bridal bouquet, and the mini western banner was also a decoration from our wedding a few years ago. 

The Roy Rogers lantern is a recent antique store find

The Horse is also another recent vintage find 

Another recent vintage find... this weird fabric painting thing. Parts of the fabric are puffed out (all the red areas for example), and then there's glitter paint on it also. So strange yet so awesome.

Lots more random stuff from our wedding, given/received as gifts. A green vintage trailer I picked up from an estate sale, cowboy boot candles from our wedding/ from the movie Zombieland. One of the many cows from my husbands toy cow collections, cowbell from a soapbox derby race we went to, a tin type my husband bought for me on a work trip, etc. 

And then obviously not included in the shelf display, but another recent vintage find that fits the theme... the sweetest flocked bouncy horse that I got for such an amazing bargain! I got this sucker for less than half of what the sticker was marked at. Now I just have to name him.


A Dollywood Weekend

We took a little road trip up to Pigeon Forge this weekend for the season opening of Dollywood. I decided to shoot with the Lomo Fisheye Camera (with 35mm film) for the day...

backstage with Dolly herself

on the way home


A New Mothers Love

New mother Christina and her 3 1/2 week old baby Oscar...

just a fun bonus shot (Polaroid)... Oscar loved the fuzzy rug

* See more shots of Christina and baby Oscar here