Roy Rogers Box Camera

I recently added a new camera to my little collection. I've been trying to find one of these for a few years now, but have yet to see one in person. I can't stand Ebay, but broke down and did some bidding to get it. It goes great with my Hopalong Cassidy box camera, and now all I need is the Davy Crockett box camera (although this one is super hard to find anywhere... so if you see one, let me know!).

Roy Rogers and Trigger Box Camera- by Herbert George Co. 
Plastic camera with aluminum faceplate. 620 film. c. 1945-61. 



My sister came to visit this weekend so I did a little self portrait/sister photo shoot in the studio. Here's a few from our little session...

You can check out a few more from our "sisters" shoot here.

And, did you notice something new? Larger photos on the blog!! Isn't it great?!


Sneak peek

Lots of new photos coming soon! Here's a little sneak peek at part of what's to come...


Links, updates, and other stuff

Update: I gave the KEH blog a makeover last week. Same easy layout, just more modern and easier on the eyes. Take a look here. If you love photography, you'll definitely want to check the site out!

A few links:
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I've joined Kickstarter and am backing a few photography projects right now. (While I'm an indie photographer myself, I still totally believe in supporting others and think it's really important to do so whether it be through marketing, funding, bartering services, giving advice, or promotion).
* And lastly, Finding Vivian Maier has officially been funded. Can't wait for the film! 

And in totally unrelated to photography news, Skip and I got to meet Dolly Parton! I am not a celebrity person, and have never felt any differently about meeting someone "famous" before as I have for anyone else, but Dolly, she made my heart beat faster. What a sweet lady she was. Ok, now everyone asks how we met her. Well, my friend (and bridesmaid, and photo muse, and ex-coworker) Katrina does props for movies and invited us to the set of the movie Joyful Noise (still in production) to meet her. Thanks Katrina! 

That same weekend, we were also on another film set, but this time for TV. We visited Gallery 63 for the second time for one of their auctions and since we were smart this time and pre-registered, we got a seat. The camera definitely came our way a few times so don't be surprised if you see a few familiar faces on the next season of Auction Kings


My Vintage Camera Collection, part 1

A little peak at my vintage camera collection (does not include newer cameras such as digital or Lomo/plastic/novelty cameras, or vintage camera ephemera/trinkets/souvenirs/etc.)

Beacon Two-twenty five (with flash)
c. 1950-58. 6x6cm on 620 film. Colored model (aqua). Whitehouse products.
Imperial Mark XII (flash)
c. 1961. 6x6cm. Color- mint green. By Herbert George Co.

Hopalong Cassidy Box Camera

c. 1950. 8 exposures, 6x9cm, on 120 rollfilm. Galter products.

Argus C3 (with flash)

c. 1939-66. 35mm. Often called a "brick".

Kodak Petite
c. 1929-33. 4x6.5cm on 127 film. Vest pocket Kodak Model B in lavender with rose bellows.

(With case, colored bellows, box, instructions. Camera with all original items is rare!)

Wonder Friend (joke) Camera

Date unknown, mid century? Not a picture taking camera. Mouse version.

Revere 40

c. 1940s-50s. 8mm movie camera, single lens magazine, model 40. 

* UPDATE (3/3/13): I've added a part two that goes with this post with more vintage cameras in my collection and some information on tips for buying them, and where to find them! Find the post HERE, plus click on the "Vintage photographic" tag below for more from this series. 


Hodgen Maternity

Christina and Aaron are expecting...

cloth diapers
dog 1- Kiwi
the nursery

dog 2- Bacon
(this vintage cow toy was Aaron's when he was a baby)
shadow puppet play

* See more photos from the Hodgen maternity session HERE.


DIY friendship bracelet hoop earrings

There's two times a year I get super crafty- Spring and around Christmas time. The weather has been warmer than usual this time of year and is tricking us all into thinking Spring is actually here already. Anyways, I had an urge to make friendship bracelets like I used to make when I was little, but knew I wouldn't actually wear one around my wrist when it was complete (I hate the feeling of things on my wrists), so decided to take the idea and mix it up a little. Since my ears are stretched, I rarely get to buy or make fun "normal" earrings, but with hoops, both I can wear them, and anyone with a regular ear piercing can wear them too.

What you'll need: Thin (cheap) hoop earrings. I found these in a box at my house by you can get them from Walmart or Claire's. Scissors, and two colors of embroidery thread. Cost: Under $5!

Start by cutting two pieces of embroidery thread in your chosen colors that are the same length, and longer then you think you'll need. I chose two different shades of aqua- one lighter, one darker. Tie the two pieces of string together and push the point of the earring through the knot. Then, start knotting your "friendship bracelet" pattern over the hoop. You can either hold the hoop inbetween your legs which is easiest, or make a little jig to hold the hoop so your hands are free to knot.

Keep each thread on its same side the entire time (ie- light aqua on the left, dark on the right). Knot each thread one at a time...

Pull each know fairly tight and pushed up against the previous knot. Be sure to switch off colored strings knotting one at a time, an then switching to the next.

The finished hoops, close up

Wear and enjoy!