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My announcement/ event invites for the book release party...

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Don't forget to mark your calendars. I really do hope to see you there!



I haven't had much time for crafts lately, but I've been wanting to try my hand at some free hand cross-stitching. Here's my first one (I've never done a kit one either) which I made this weekend. I made it just in time for our anniversary which is quickly approaching in July. 


Underwater Dream

This weekend I set out to play with a Nikonos underwater camera. For those of you unfamiliar, it takes 35mm film, is a big heavy hunk of a camera, and non-disposable. It is manual focus, and not by sight but by estimated distance (ex. 1 ft., 5 ft., etc). The shoot itself was harder than both I, and my model were expecting. For one, it was hard to stay anchored underwater for any amount of time without coming back up to the surface and without actually swimming. 2, we weren't using diving tanks, so our air supply was limited. There were also a few other obstacles along the way, including a huge issue that happened to the film post-shoot (more on that after the pictures). 

Now that you've seen the images, I'll tell you my film ordeal that I've been dealing with all weekend. I took my three rolls of film to be developed on Saturday after the shoot. When I went to pick them up, the photo lab had developed the film but not scanned them in. As soon as I walked back in, I was greeted with "dude, your film is messed up". All three rolls were completely bright green (which scans/prints as bright red, see below). I could not understand it. My images were all on the film, it was not the same as light-leak patterns, so that couldn't be it. The film was not expired, so that couldn't be it. I didn't get the film wet, so it couldn't be a chlorine issue, I don't think. I came home puzzled, asked a few photo colleagues their thoughts, and nobody had a clue. I have never seen film look like this. I did some research, and could also not find any information as to what the problem could be.... 
... So, I shot another test roll in the bathtub, got it developed (at a different lab), and the roll came out perfectly fine. The only thing I can think it could be is bad chemistry. The technician at lab #2 also said it was most likely bad chemistry and processing. It's extremely frustrating to spend hours on a shoot, have the film properly exposed, and the images themselves physically turn up on the film, but to have a lab basically destroy three rolls of film for a shoot that can't be easily redone. With digital being so widely used now for both pro and non-pro, I understand that labs don't have as many rolls of film to process on a regular basis, but this is something so unacceptable to me. If you're going to continue processing film, you have got to stay on top of the chemicals- keeping them fresh, used the correct amount of times before they are dumped, and mixed properly. 

Luckily, some of the colors were still available through the red, and some color correcting could be done. However, the images are very grainy, and much more difficult to work with. I did what I could... I had to shift my own perspective on them. If I think of them as more of an "underwater dream" type of series, I'm much happier with the end result. If I look at them for the way I had intended them to come out, which was crisp and clear, then they're a big fail. Either way, I believe in sharing the good and the bad. The successes and the failures. It's a way to learn, for myself and hopefully for you as well. So, I'll take it with a grain of salt, or a bag of sand, and like them for what they are, and what I could salvage from a big huge red mess. 


New ride

I guess you could say it's bike week on the BSC blog...

We purchased a junk bike a couple of years ago because I had outgrown my first motorcycle with the intentions of fixing it up and completely rebuilding. It took longer than expected, but we're finally almost done! Skip still needs to make side covers for it, and I still have a little chrome cleaning to do, but it's running and its pretty much all done. I designed it, my husband did all the re-build and labor, and my buddies Cheryl upholstered the seat and Chad painted the tank. I love it! And I'm now thinking about designing bikes on the side (mainly for women, but not gaudy pink and butterflies style), what do you think? A big thanks to everyone who helped make this thing come together!


The Yamaha

About a month ago we picked up this awesome 1982 Yamaha DT80, two-stroke dirt bike. It's in pristine condition, with the exception of the shocks needing to be re-done. Skip fell in love with it and we were both excited to pick up another "yard riding" vehicle (to go with our little 1985 Honda ATC70). So now when we have a little time to spare on the weekends, we love to go out and chase each other around. And sometimes we even take them out of the yard, and venture down the street. Now, we just need to find a track nearby.


hot hot hot

It's getting super duper yucky hot here in Georgia now, and I am feeling the need to go swimming. Hopefully one day soon we'll have a free Saturday and can go to the lake or something. (I took this picture last summer but don't think I ever shared it)


artist proof

Yup, my artist proof book arrived today
Things are moving right along...


stereo take 2

Last night I posted my shots from the View-Master camera I was working on, as well as some experiments with making them 3D. While they did turn out 3D with the glasses, there was still something a little off about the color. I apparently was doing them the hard way, the long way, and while they worked, they didn't work nearly as good as these... done the quick, easy, and right way. So, here's two shots, and these really pop! I really love experimenting with different photographic techniques and learning how to do them, even if the techniques are not ones I'd use again, or for any practical purposes. Another technique in my book of "can do's"! 


shooting with a View-Master camera

This past weekend I did some shooting with a camera I had never shot with before, and one that I had never seen anyone else shoot with before either. It's a View-Master camera, meant for creating View-Master slide images. I wanted to see what could be done using this camera for purposes other then what it was intended for, so I shot it with negative film and scanned it in.
Front of the View-Master Stereo Color Mark II, above

click image above to enlarge, (A portion of the film strip)

Then, I started playing with trying to make the images 3D. The camera takes two images at the exact same time that are slightly off from one another due to the two lenses. The two same images end up being about four images away, and on opposite levels of the film (see the film strip above for example). So, I took the two images that were slightly off, and changed the color channels on each layer. I played with making them 3D for awhile before I actually got it, but by golly, I got it! I was editing the below images with old-school 3D glasses on (one blue lens, one red lens). If you have a pair around, pick them up and take a peak!


The news you've been waiting for

dun dun dun...
I am publishing my first solo photography book! That's right, the series I've been working on for the past year and a half will be coming out in book form later this summer. I've been working my tail off and I'm so excited that I'm almost there. I have of course been dieing to tell you, but had to try and keep my mouth shut until the official release date was scheduled.

The book contains 34 images, 2 that are previously unreleased- never published anywhere including on my blog. The release party will be Saturday, August 28, 2010, 5-8pm at Lucky Starr vintage boutique in the Marietta Square, Marietta, GA- mark your calendars now!!

I'll be posting more info. over the next couple of months in regards to the book- events, where to purchase, etc. I have also created a new site dedicated just for the book that I'll share with you soon. 

So, this is what I've been working on behind the scenes that has slowed down my typical assignment and posting schedule. It will continue to be on the lighter side until after the release with the exception of book info., and photos from an exciting trip I'll be taking next month.

I can't wait to share more information on this project with you, so stay tuned!


My site is featured today on I Love Photography Blogs...
go check it out, here


dramatic lighting tips

Remember these film noir style photos I did a few months ago?
Well today I am sharing tips on how to create dramatic lighting for the film noir style shoot (like these) over on the KEH page.
If you're interested, you can see the post here.


sneak peak

I have a BIG announcement coming soon, here's a little sneak peak...