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Envelope liners

How cute is this?! One of my favorite clients used one of the photos from one of their photo sessions with me to make personalized liners for the envelopes for their "save the date" cards. So creative Morgan, I love it!


Create a filter 3

The 3rd set in my series of experimental filters...
lipstick sandwich
eyeshadow sandwich
baby powder sandwich

For more info. on how these were done, visit the post I did over on the KEH blog.
To view the entire set of experimental filters, visit the Flickr set here.


In Cherokee

Set two from this past weekends trip, these were taken in Cherokee.


Headed to Cherokee

This past weekend we headed to Cherokee, NC for a weekend away for Skip's birthday. We started the weekend off with dinner at the diner on Friday evening then headed out early Saturday morning. We had perfect weather on the way up there which made for bright blue skied photos! This is set one from the trip, the "on the road" photos. We stopped a million times checking out kitschy roadside places, small towns, antique stores, flea markets, and old fashioned soda fountains.


"Angles"- i heart faces

This weeks theme is "Angles". No explanation needed here as to why I chose this shot.

Now, I'm challenging other i heart faces participants to 1) leave comments on every persons page that commented on your page, and 2) to say something other than just "nice shot"... pick out something specific that you like and tell them!


A Rock 'n Roll Bride Favorite

One of my photos got chosen today as a favorite entry on Rock 'n Roll Bride! Check it out here.


inspired by, wishlists, and links

(my kitchen above)

I have total spring fever. I can't wait for perfectly warm and sunny days. I'm sick of wearing lots of clothes, and shoes. I'm looking forward to sundresses and flip-flops. And... fresh tulips and strawberries.

List of: some things that are currently inspiring me, or that I just love:
- all white rooms
- farmhouse style
- raw wood accessories
- blow molds (I never knew until recently that this was the technical term for those plastic things I love)
- custom made items
- water home births
- Dutch & German style

List of: things I want to learn or make
- build a terrarium
- bake bread from scratch
- learn leather tooling
- yodeling
- to play the washboard like it's nobodys business

List of: my spring wish list
- milk or dairy vintage sign (the one that's in my head that I can't seem to find anywhere)
- new wide angle lens
- trip to Weeki Wachee
- my blonde hair back :(
- my bike to be finished
- some of these super cute moccasins
- sponsors for my photo book- business or individual
- vintage play horse
- a jackalope feltidermy, my birthday is in June, hint hint
- a daily delivery of fresh milk, in bottles, on my doorstep, from a milkman
- my knuckles tattooed (don't worry Mom & Dad, this isn't going to actually happen, not yet anyways.)

List of: links
- read this: DIY is not Duplicate It Yourself
- Cross-stitch lamp shade, I want you
- This bike is so awesome, I want this too
- Carve your own postcard, someone please send me one
- Personalized engraved cake pans, pretty awesome
- I would love to stay in one of these Airstreams


Easter shelf

I finally had a few minutes this weekend to switch out Valentines stuff for Easter stuff on my little ol' display shelf. I usually do a Spring inspired display, but this is the first year I've actually added Easter items to it.

Got this guy on Saturday at Scotts Antique Market, and I think he's my favorite
Got this guy there too, for $4 in the original packaging which had never been opened!
Um, yes... I got this guy at the antique market too. I love thinking about how much some kid back in the day used to love this bunny.... and how much I love the vintage flocked creatures now.
Got the vintage paper die-cut lambs from Etsy, and the pin-wheel flower from Party City. Everything else I already had. I love love love vintage decorations for any holiday.


A documentary set

It's been almost a year, about 10 months now, since these pictures were taken on this mournful day. I still haven't publicly shown the photo series I did, and spoke about it once last May. I've decided its time to share a few more of the photos. There are many more from this set, including a bunch in color which I've decided just shouldn't be shown right now, since we're still waiting for a trial. The other photos that I'm not showing, are in my opinion, the most powerful and personal of the series.

Please take into consideration when viewing these images that they are documentary photography and no personal views are expressed in them. To read more about the situation of the event, and my situation as photographer at the event, see this post.


recent photo writings

For those of you who haven't been following the KEH blog on your own, (if you're a photographer of any level, I urge you to follow the site!), here's a little recap of what I've been writing about over there recently...
Ring flashes and macro lights (above), tips for Is & VR lenses, Photoshop turns 20, testing Gary Fong Lightspheres, Leica special editions (including the 24k gold one below), point & shoot macro, vintage camera robots, cool Etsy finds for photo lovers, current trends in photography, and more!
And coming up: filters 101, create a filter, bokeh masks, troubleshooting: light leaks, great debates, another collectible camera, how to check your sensor, good photo history books, and lots more! Check it, follow it, fan it, read it, bookmark it, learn it, live it, love it: www.kehblog.com