KEH post summary

Here's what we've been posting over at the KEH blog recently: tips for VR & IS lenses, industry news- did you know Photoshop turned 20?, awesome guest post on shooting TTV, repurposing old lens cases- so fun!, a peek inside the company's doors, & lots more tips, troubleshooting, and resources. Check the page out at www.kehblog.com

If you're just joining in, what is the KEH blog you ask? It's a page done by KEH Camera Brokers, (I write for it, photograph for it, and run the page), that posts things to keep you up to date on all things photographic equipment related. You'll see information on new and collectible items, updates on events, tips & tricks, fun & useful accessories, camera recalls & troubleshooting, gift guides, and much more. It's a great photo resource site for photographers of all levels!


Amphone Red

To see more photos from this set, visit my Flickr set here


Amphone Noir

The lovely Amphone in a brand new film noir style shoot

To see more from this set, click here

"Hands On"- I Heart Faces

No faces in this weeks theme, but hands!
I'm not going to tell you what's going on here, and why these hands are clasped so tight, but I'll let you imagine what you like... either way, you can really see some major love and support. To see more "Hands On" entries, hand over to I Heart Faces.


A sink full

Swampy's new favorite spot... I guess it feels like a constant hug?
A little bit of cuteness to start the week.


Lomo- fisheye 2

So, I recently talked a little about buying a Lomo fisheye camera for our cruise last summer, and showed you some non-cruise photos. Well, here's the second set, these are cruise/honeymoon/summer vacation photos...

Today, I had an article published on the site Techlicious about the camera, be sure to check it out HERE.
And, to see more of my lomo fisheye photos, and some of my other "toy camera"/"plastic camera" shots, see my Flickr set HERE.


The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant

This past Sunday, we visited the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant for a lovely brunch. I had been wanting to go, and it did not disappoint! The service was excellent, the atmosphere was awesome, and the food was fantastic. The restaurant is housed in a 1940s farmhouse setting, and themed with World War II aviation memorabilia. The place also sits on the side of an airport runway, with windows looking out. The old-timey music was a nice touch, and the bananas foster was to die for.

For more pictures from our visit, go HERE


Jessica- the Outtakes

You saw all of Jessica's photos a few weeks ago, (if you missed them, here's set 1, 2, 3), so now it's time for the outtakes, everybody's favorite time. This girl was making crazy faces throughout the entire shoot, take a look...

"I Wanna Dance"- I Heart Faces

Theo Kogan (formerly of The Lunachicks, currently of Theo & The Skyscrapers) dancing her heart out on stage in Atlanta, GA. [Click image to view larger].


My honey, the welder

Since it's Valentine's Day, I better show some pictures of my honey... he's a welder and has been working away in the garage all weekend.

Happy 1st married Valentine's day my love!


Snow day in Georgia

It snowed yesterday in Georgia, more than it has since I've lived here. And it's awesome! We played (& took pictures) yesterday when it was grey and snowing, last night, and this morning when the sun was gorgeous. Here's a few...

... and you can see lots more on my Flickr HERE