Angie & Amy's Pick- I Heart Faces

Thanks Angie & Amy from I Heart Faces for picking my photo this week as a favorite! To check out all of the winners & favorites from this past weeks Texture challenge, go here.


Some websites for you

I wanted to share some sites that I'm currently really enjoying and think you should take a look at...

- http://theselvedgeyard.wordpress.com/ Total old school. Vintage photos in a variety of topics including cars, motorcycles, pop culture, & more. Great collection of cool stuff.

- http://vivianmaier.blogspot.com/ Photo site showcasing an unknown photographers work from the 1950's- 70s. She was discovered after her death when her large collection of negatives and undeveloped film sold at an auction. She did amazing street photography.

- http://thefarmchicks.typepad.com/farmchicks/ Love her vintage country home style. Posts recipes, home design how-to's, fun ideas & more. She also grew up as a gypsy and I love her childhood stories.

- http://samesies.tumblr.com/ Photo site about how different people basically take the same pictures.

- http://blog.modernmechanix.com/ Vintage magazine articles in all different categories. Fascinating and entertaining stuff!

- http://psimadethis.com/ Site where the author makes something created out of normal items, the inspirations stemming from what's in style.

- http://steepstreet.blogspot.com/ A really awesome photographer that I'm loving. Totally different work than me, but love her style. Her photo muse is also breathtaking to look at.

- http://tinyhouseblog.com/ A site just about tiny houses & living spaces. Feels cozy.

- http://voltronofawesomeness.com/ A photographer who does really amazing light painting images, I especially love it when he combines it with portraits.

- http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/ They post photos of baby zoo animals. They're so cute & make my heart melt.

- http://www.theoneswelove.org/home.html A photo site with many artists from all over the world, of all ages that did a project on taking photos of someone they love and writing a blurb to go with it. Sweet & heart warming.

- http://www.unphotographable.com/index.shtml A photo site with only text about photographs that were not taken. Interesting idea.



Blast from the past 4

Back in August of last year I did a few "blast from the past" posts with some of my really old photos. Well, I've found some more and wanted to share. This one is circa 1998.


Skip & his toys

This is my husband... he likes to collect toys. He looks big and tough, and is... but is also a big teddy bear. We finally have spaces for his toys, so I felt it was time to take some photos of him with them. These are the "I hate taking pictures, I don't know what you want me to do" ones. It's hard to get much expression out of him for photos. I finally got some expression this time.... but I'll save those for later.
Boxed cars, rat finks, KISS, & lots of other stuff
Cows, stuffed cows, plastic cows, cow print items, & anything else cow goes. This is what you get when you make a boy like this go to Ikea... he finds a nice piece on sale, and... well, makes it his own. Love you honey bunny.


Texture photo on FB

This morning my image for this weeks I Heart Faces was featured on their Facebook page!
Thanks guys :)

"Texture"- I Heart Faces

I chose to exhibit texture straight from real life...
A soft face surrounded by French netting

To see more entries from this weeks "Texture" theme, go check out I Heart Faces


Create a filter

So the other day I was thinking about filters and effects... I don't like photoshopped filters or effects, and even though I'm shooting new school digital, I prefer to do most things old school. So, I may not be able to add my effects in the enlarger-->paper process, but how can I do it in real life, and not in a photo editing program? It obviously called for some experimenting time.

I started with some plastic wrap and dish soap and was quite unsuccessful in producing anything I thought was interesting. Then for some unknown reason, I decided to try nail polish on a plain protective filter... and again for some unknown reason, I choose a polish I don't think I've ever worn, one that has a clear base and large purple glitter flakes. Here's some things that happened...
(holding filter away from lens AND from object, somewhere in between the two, focusing on filter)
holding filter near object
filter near end of lens, looking up near sunlight
filter not far from lens looking directly into sunlight
no sunlight or flash, lit with lamp from behind, filter near object

If you notice, none of these were taken with the filter actually screwed onto the lens threads, as I was unable to get anything in focus when it was attached. Just a fun experiment, nothing more, nothing less.


Random shots of the week

This week I've been working on a lot of photo related "business" stuff, and trying to finish up the house. I've really been enjoying the light we get in the afternoons and have been taking full advantage to take some photos around our new home.
vintage panoramic slides

from my office
a section of the kitchen
Swampy looking out the window

under the deck, there's a weird tree thing & a dog igloo
late afternoon shadows


New site- The KEH Blog!

I have some very exciting news to share with you today. As some of you may know, I have been working for KEH Camera Brokers for a few years now. I'm a technician, so I figure out what kind of equipment is coming in, test it, evaluate it, grade it, etc. Because I've been doing this, I started a "how to/ test" series on my blog a few months ago. I've gotten some great response from it and am now in charge of a brand new blog for KEH! I have designed the site, started it from scratch, and will be in charge of running it from here on out. So... I will be discontinuing the "how to/ test" series here (except for an occasional posting), and will be posting all of that information on the new site.
Here's what you can expect to find on the KEH blog page: news & updates, event dates, new product information, collectible & rare finds, fun & useful accessories, tips & tricks, and much, much more.

It's going to be a great & fun site to follow if you're into photography of any kind- pro or amateur. Go check it out (notice it just launched today so there's only the welcome post so far), and help me to spread the word to other photography enthusiasts!

"We Are Family"- I Heart Faces

This weeks theme at I Heart Faces calls for a family shot. I thought about which one to submit, and changed my mind after I picked a "great shot". I ended up with this one because of this.... I took this photo just the other week of new parents Alex & Jason, and their brand new baby Max. They were trying to dress their baby together, & I just had to take a photo of it. They are learning how to be a family together, and I thought it was such a special moment.

If you'd like to see more photos from their session, and actually see cute little Max's face, you can view them on Flickr HERE.

Also, to check out other I Heart Faces submissions, you can go HERE.


Mint opening night

Holy smokes there was an amazing turn out for the "Not You" Self Portrait show at Mint Gallery last night! It was even raining outside, and the place was packed all night. There was a huge range of styles and mediums of art work. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported myself and all the other artists!

To see more photos from the show, check out the curators Flickr set HERE


being crafty

Winter is a good time for being crafty...
...and crocheting gifts for friends & yourself...
...and getting around to doing the little things,
like sewing patches on!



New baby Max with Mom & Dad

Alex & Jason had their baby a few weeks ago, you may remember their maternity shots (sets 1, 2, 3, 4). This past weekend I got to spend some time with them in their home taking photos of the new parents and new baby Max.

To see more images from their photo session, visit their Flickr set HERE


"Best Face Photo" photo challenge- I Heart Faces

It's I Heart Faces 1 yr. birthday this week, and they have a new logo and lots going on. This weeks theme is "Best Face Photo", which must have been taken in December 09 or January 10.

When trying to decide which image to submit, I kept coming back to this one. Her sweet little face and super happy smile just makes me giggle. I took this photo a few days after Christmas in NC. I was visiting my home town and got the chance to meet up with an old friend and take some photos of her new baby who just turned 1 too!
Be sure to head over to I Heart Faces and check out the other entries!