A white Christmas in NC

We had a lovely (white) Christmas in North Carolina...

Hope you all had a great holiday as well! We're back in GA now with "to-do" lists a mile long that need to be completed before the new year. Lots of stuff will be coming soon, but until then, hope you're keeping warm, relaxing, writing holiday thank you cards, and prepping those New Years resolution lists!

PS- If you'd like to see a few more snow photos, and a few behind the scenes shots from our family Christmas, check out the first part of this Flickr set.


Infrared Portraits

Shot with an infrared-converted digital camera.
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Weeki Wachee Mermaids

The Weeki Wachee mermaids were performing at the GA Aquarium for the aquarium's 5th anniversary celebration. I could not have imagined a better attraction/show! I've been dieing to visit Weeki Wachee Springs, and loved every minute of the show. It was awesome! One of these days I'll make it down to Florida to see the original show. At home, they dive in a natural spring. In this show, they were diving in the BIG saltwater tank which is home to tons of fish, large stingrays, sharks, a few huge whale sharks, and more. That tube she's holding is how they breath underwater without having to have diving tanks. Naturally, I was first in line and got a great seat right in the front, and was able to take tons of photos.

* To see more mermaid photos, see my set on Flickr.


Traveling backgrounds

Until now, BlondeShot Creative has offered backgrounds for in-studio shoots only. But now, I'm offering (multiple) backgrounds for any location, local or out of state. This is great for on-location shoots, parties, events, travel, and more!

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A chilly afternoon at the aquarium

This past weekend we traded in some aquarium passes we had been saving for a special occasion. I was saving them for the dolphin exhibit that's supposed to open soon, but then I found out about another very special event happening this month that I could not pass up... more on this coming soon! Until then...
Santa takes a dive in the tropical tank!

stingray flips

For more photos from the GA Aquarium, view my Flickr set.


Flashbulbs part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I was working on some crafty projects repurposing vintage photographic flashbulbs...
One of my newly crafted items- a retro photography wreath!
For more ideas, check out my post today on the KEH blog!


Flashbulbs part 1

I recently spent a day playing with lots of vintage flashbulbs. If you're unfamiliar, they were used in the 1960s and earlier in photography. Each bulb is only good for one exposure.

After doing what I needed to do with the flashbulbs, we had "play time".
Here's a few of the outtakes...

A bulb towards the end of the flash
Used bulbs- burned and melty

Tomorrow I'll be sharing why I was using these in the first place, and its not for photographing purposes...


Holiday crafts

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I had some time this past weekend to work on lots of holiday crafts. It's the one time a year I get really motivated to take a little break from work-related duties and be extra crafty and homey.

I made a new wreath... northern, wintery, and moose-y...

... and a good old fashioned paper chain garland
and a cotton ball garland (inspired by Elf)
and little snow scenes (similar to a snow globe but without the liquid).
I made larger ones in jars and smaller ones in recycled baby food jars.