Roadside Tree lot


This is my favorite time of year, so expect to see lots more holiday themed photos!


"We ♥ Tooshies" Photo Challenge- I Heart Faces

This weeks theme from I Heart Faces has a theme with no face.... but a "tooshie".... but it must be a clothed tooshie. So here's one I haven't blogged before, but love.

Snow flocked trees

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and is getting ready for the next set of holidays. Posting has been very light this week because I've been sick with the flu, and I finally had slightly enough energy to go out into the fresh air today. We went by our local plant nursery and ordered a snow-flocked fresh pine wreath that I will pick up later this week, how exciting! I miss snow and always wish for a white Christmas, but seeing as how thats extremely hard to come by in the south, why not create a faux white Christmas? 

Aren't these trees dreamy? Next year we will definitely have one of these too. 

I'll be playing quite a bit of catch up this week, but I will have many more wintery-white surprises coming you way soon! 


New business cards

My new business cards have finally been sent off to the printer! 


Woodland wreath

My newest wreath, woodland style-

Incase you missed the previous posts about my wreaths, I DO take custom orders! You can see a few of my other ones HERE. I have another one I'm currently working on as well, and will be posting soon. 

Morgan, Ben & Lola: Holiday Card 09

How cute is this?! I sent Morgans final images to her this morning and she's already designed their holiday card. This is just the mock-up, but it's so cute and I can't wait to receive a printed one (minus watermarks of course) in the mail. 
A few nice things she said of her new photos: "These pictures again are now my favorite pictures I have ever had taken! I love them!"  "Lola is such a good model... and you are amazing for being able to capture such great photos of her ;)"

Morgan, Ben & Lola

I adore this couple! This years shoot was just as fun as last years, and freezing cold outside just the same. They wanted something simple this year, that focused on their dog Lola. So I took some of those, and then I took some more.

To see more from this shoot, check out their Flickr set.


Swampy & Boris

I realized I hadn't taken any photos of our little boogers recently,  So here's a few new ones of our love bugs.
(click images to enlarge)

packaging love

Oh, I'm such a sucker for good packaging.....
...like these Frostie Sodas I found today in a specialty shop. Bought one for me & one for my sweetie. 
And this new water bottle... genius! It comes with its own cup attached on the top. 

Q-tip macro

It was a long Friday afternoon, and a girl testing a Canon G9 saw a box of Q-tips sitting on the desk and decided to do some tests on the point & shoots macro setting...

For these shots, all that was used was a point & shoot digital camera, a box of Q-tips, and for the following shots a mini flash light (lit from behind), and a few shots with the onboard flash also. The camera was set on manual, macro setting (the flower symbol on digi. cameras), and set of manual focus... the AF really didn't work well with the macro setting. 

I was pretty impressed with the G9s good P&S macro quality. But shots like these can be done on most P&S, no fancy equipment required. 


Troubleshooting: sensors & CCDS

If you're having an issue with your (straight out of the camera) digital images, it may be one of the following things...
Dust on your sensor... If you see little specks on your images, probably in the same areas, it's most likely dust. This is pretty easy to fix, and can be cleaned but the cameras "sensor clean" in the menu, or by store bought kits. This will only occur on a digital SLR, happens often, and can be mostly preventible. For tips to keep this mess out of your life, refer HERE.
This is an example image from a bad CCD. This can happen in both point & shoot digital cameras and digital SLRs. This is especially a common issue in many of the older p&s. This is an extreme case of bad CCD, but they sometimes go out gradually and you may have your actual taken image with some minor lines or discoloration through it. This is not an easy problem to fix, and is not an issue for home repair, so if you have this, you will need to send that camera out to a repair shop.

Happy Weekend

Happy Friday! It's only a few hours away from the weekend, and I am ready. Tonight we will be attending our very first official square dance (outside of class). Tomorrow we're taking care of business, and Sunday I have another photo shoot with Morgan & Ben.

I will also have some new self portraits posted soon. I was asked to participate in an Atlanta artist self portrait show that will be taking place in January. So this past week I finally said "enough is enough" and stopped putting them off and took them already. If you're wondering why I put them off, this past post may help to understand.

Hope your weekend is filled with many good things!


The Art of Pancake Throwing

And now, the final images from Alex's Maternity shoot, & my favorite from the day...

You can see Alex's entire maternity photo set HERE on Flickr

Alex Maternity continued

ok, enough of the "pretty" photos... lets have some fun...
Alex really likes pancakes, and pregnant women really like food, right? 
So, why not take it over the top?

And that's not all- tomorrow see the last installment from this maternity shoot, "The Art of Pancake Throwing"! (Of course my favorites from the shoot, because you got to save the best for last)

Alex & Jason Maternity 2

Coming up next: some solo photos of mommy-to-be Alex, and the art of pancake throwing!