Zombie dress

I've been spending this evening turning this hot pink dress into a zombie princess dress...
... for the release of Zombieland this weekend. One of my best friends did props in the movie, and her name will be appearing in the big screen credits. So naturally she's throwing a party pre-movie viewing, and we're all supposed to dress up from a certain scene in the movie. Photos will be coming next week from this extravagant event!


Fall is in the air

Today was a beautiful day, the weather felt great & you could finally feel that fall is on its way.



I've been working away uploading loads of new & old photos onto the BlondeShot Creative Flickr account. This is a great place to view my work as a whole until the new website it complete. If you have a Flickr account, add me as a contact!


Vintage Fire Engine

I saw this 58' fire engine on Tuesday, and had to go back to it yesterday with my polaroid camera. If you have $5,000 you'd like to donate to me so I can buy it, please feel free!


Outtakes 6

We're ready to go
See the 1st set from Michelles shoot HERE.
Practicing her wave... how does your arm bend that way Michelle?
Off to get drenched, & it was already drizzly outside. See the 2nd set from this shoot HERE.
And here comes the water, a 2nd time. Reminds me of The Scream.
And that thing in the upper left corner? Those are my water dumpers arms. 


flash test

I'm constantly doing photo tests, whether it's testing out a new piece of equipment, and idea, a material, or something else. I got a new flash, and have been toying with the idea of doing a little series with my salt & pepper shaker collection. Not sure quite yet if I will, but I did do a little playing around this evening for the non pro photo readers....
Straight forward flash (above), shoe mounted on camera pointed directly at objects. Yuck.
Bounce flash. Shoe mounted with flash head tilted up towards the ceiling. 
Off camera flash. Lit from overhead & behind objects. This can be done with an off camera shoe cord, transmitter, or....I did this with a table top tripod, shutter release, long exposure and firing the flash by hand. 

Is this kind of post interesting to you? Please let me know! 

Outtakes 5

I probably have the most outtakes out of everybody from this girl. For one, I've shot her numerous, numerous times. And of course, I like to ask her to do silly stuff, & she always delivers.
I named this snugly beast Waffles. Tiff felt silly playing with Waffles in public. Especially when people started walking by.
Then I ask her to do some head banging... and I get this face...
click image to enlarge to see the beauty in that upward swinging head & neck.
The one eye open, one eye closed is probably the most common outtake.
It happens in just about everybodys shoot, I just don't show it in everyones shoots.
So I've probably embarrassed Tiff enough now, but I can because she's my little sister.
You can see her good pictures from the shoot HERE.


Savannah Shopping

Savannah, GA is one of my most favorite places for boutique shopping, and eating. Skip & I took a little day trip there on Sunday. Sunday's aren't the best day to do anything in Savannah, most places are closed, but I did pick up a few sweet items...
an itty bitty ceramic cow creamer from Parkers Market, & a Prices candle (that smells like fresh from the dryer laundry) from The Paris Market (a former employer of mine), where I also indulged in a lovely iced cookie & frozen hot chocolate with pink whipped cream.
Purchased my first "F" initial item since getting married and becoming a Fletcher, from @Home Vintage General. Also from @Home...

This very delicate postcard picture book from Rock City, one of my favorite kitschy vacation spots, with some of the best souvenirs. Rock City is also where my now husband and I took our very first vacation together when we were dating.


Outtakes 4

Ok Sally, throw the rope straight up and look at me. Ok, throw it up, wave and look at me. No, throw it UP, look at ME. Ok, lets try that again...
...and again, and again. We finally got THE SHOT here.


back to baking

I used to bake a lot. For the past year or two, not so much. I've finally gotten back into baking... and I think my waistline is showing it. This weekend I made some scrumptious, from scratch (of course) savory scones. Full of garlic, herbs, & cheese... mmm mmm mmm! I used to baking professionally at a little corner french cafe in Savannah, GA called Cafe Mucha (unfortunately you won't be able to find it because it was sold a few years ago). I was the scone queen. Not going to be modest about it. I made the best scones, in many, many flavors. It was so much easier baking in a commercial kitchen than in a home one, but they still taste like magic. 
Last weekend I wasn't so successful. I tried making Whoopie Pies for the first time. The cookies turned out right, but the filling was a big ol' whoopie mess! It melted and went everywhere
Not sure what's coming next weekend, but pumpkin season is right around the corner, and I LOVE all things pumpkin! 


Outtakes 3

get your arm out of the frame Jenn, or I'll shoot ya with hot air
funniest face ever. See Laurens shoot HERE.
Oh no, I was totally not ready to hit that shutter release. From My own shoot.

Outtakes 2

Animals love to be the center of attention and are always trying to sneak into the shots
Laughing is a MUST on my shoots
Shaunas shoot here and here
Hair stylist making sure every hair she curled is in place
Dancing.... and I don't know what
They hate when I want them to eat things on camera


Outtakes 1

So here it is, the first post in the "outtake" post series! I posted a poll, and you answered that you wanted to see more outtakes. 

Back in 2005 when I released the "Alexander Girls" series, my first solo exhibition, I decided to also show a book of outtakes. They were funny, they were real. I showed images of half closed eyes, awkward stances, giggling models, and all sorts of other things that weren't "supposed" to be captured on camera. I thought it was important to show the "mistakes" of the models to bring them back down from pin-up, to normal ol' human being. Unfortunately, someone stole my book of outtakes from the exhibition, which still totally erks my chain.  

Personally, I love seeing outtakes. A little behind the scenes peak at what was going on during the photo shoot. Most photographers don't show them. Of course it's not ideal to show the flaws in your work, but they happen, and they happen to everyone, especially when you're working with moving objects & living beings. I'm especially enamored with the silly shots.... but this is probably because I usually ask my models to do something totally ridiculous to break things up & lighten the mood. And some of my models are just hams and are silly all on their own... I'll be getting my lighting correct and they're all crazy and entertaining themselves... and me, and now you. 

Each set will (have a word) that is linked back to the good photos, so if you haven't seen them, or don't remember them, do take a look. Oh, AND one more thing... these are not edited in any way. No touch ups, no photoshopping, nothing. Don't judge. 

Katrina, from THIS shoot
and her dog Mango who thinks she's a model too
I don't know, I guess Alianor just liked to spit her tongue out at me
(don't forget you can click the image to enlarge...incase you wanted to see her tongue closer or something) These were from THIS shoot


a little earlier

These photos are of the same mother & daughter duo I've been featuring, but were from a few months before. I never published them however, so thought now would be the perfect time to throw them in here. Tomorrow I'll be posting the last two sets from this weekends shoot, and they are less... shiny, happy, & colorful. They are quite different than the typical family or child portrait, so be sure to check back for those!

(These were taken at THIS shoot)

Funny Faces

(click image to view larger)
So, you've seen this sweet mother & daughter pair a few times now over my last couple of posts. I had a fantastic photo session with them this weekend and still have some more to come! This little girl is full of personality, so I hope you're enjoying these, and stay tuned for more.