testing 1-2-3

I prefer to test new equipment, lighting, & sometimes other elements that I'm not that familiar with before an actual photoshoot. So, the things that get photographed the most, because they are always around, very accessible, and ususally don't mind being my "test subject" are: myself, Skip, the animals. Because I think outtakes and test shots are an important aspect of photography, I don't mind sharing them...
testing some borrowed metal-flake vinyl for upcoming shoot
testing my new favorite lighting & lens combo. for (now in progress) series
testing my flash once again...& getting a shot of the "joke" haircut done especially for a friends wedding. *please note that the flag in the background is just a prop to go with the ridiculous haircut and pepperoni & mayonnaise sandwich-yuck. No racial commentary intended.
Swampy yells, "leave me alone already!"


heading to Conyers

We started Saturday morning by stopping to eat breakfast on our way out to Conyers, Ga.
We stopped at this place...it opened in 1969 and I don't think a single thing has been updated since! The mugs & plates were old and faded. The walls lined with wood paneling, and wagon wheel chandeliers. The booths were bright orange and yellow, with neon orange silk flowers on the tables to match. The place was a little creepy (but not in a bad way). The food was pretty good, the biscuits buttery.
Rockdale Cycles in Conyers. A large motorcycle junkyard behind the main building... 
The place was full of trailers and sheds full of bike parts

another strange but interesting experience in the life of our weekends