another deserted place, Oklahoma

Driving through Oklahoma we saw this sign and tried to find "Pickles Gap Village"
Everything there was closed so we drove a bit more and found "Territory Town"
There was a "museum" inside this little store with almost nothing on their shelves.  The little old lady behind the counter walked to the back of the empty store and flipped a light switch on the wall, opened a door, and let us in to this room filled with strange, old artifacts & things.
Outside of the store was weird things like this:
and this, which I told Skip to stand in
AND, a block of old business fronts in the backyard of Territory Town USA
(click on the images to see larger views)


more from Texas...

...and from The Billy the Kid Museum

Locked door, dark interior, picture taken through a small window in the door

*for the story related to these images please refer back to the post, "regarding these economic times", posted 1/13/09


another article for Burn Away

I have written another article for Burn Away on artist Beth Lillys project, "The Oracle @ WiFi"


Pink set 2

yes, I love juxtaposing things that don't normally go together, or are out of place

Pink set 1

What's the best thing to do on a cold, rainy Sunday? Photoshoot! The model is Katrina, and if you're familiar with my work, you've seen her before. She's one of my favorite ladies to photograph. Skip & her recently transformed her bathroom from the norm, into a girls big top (as in circus) dream. Of course this was an ideal location. Styling done by myself & Katrina. 

more from this day coming soon...


regarding these economic times

I bring you this photo today due to my saddened state over the economy.

About the photo: I took this photo on a trip to Texas. We were driving along the highway in the middle of nowhere and saw a sign for a Billy The Kid Museum. We pulled up to this old, run down house-type structure that was painted bright red with weird stuff all around it. It was one of those pay places that you insert money into a box under the honor system and then let yourself in. I took a bunch of photos outside- no one in sight. We put money in the box and the door was locked! We never got inside, but just being in this place was worth it- it was a place that kind of creeped me out, but in an exciting way.

A few months later Skip drove through the same area in Texas and the entire thing was gone! No remnant's, no traces that anything had ever been there.

A short word on the state of things: Yesterday I heard the news that another great magazine has folded. It seems like all of my favorite things are disappearing- businesses, magazines, etc. It's important to remember that even though we are all struggling financially, to continue to spend money, especially at our favoirte local establishments and national small businesses.

*If you're interested in seeing more photos from the Billy The Kid Museum, let me know and I will post them!


Curriculum Vitae

For years on my websites, resumes, and on any other printed list I've only used "selected" exhibitions, awards, and publications. One thing on my never-ending "to do" list was to compile a complete Curriculum Vitae. I've finally finished it, and I hope I didn't leave anything out. Here it is:

Jenn Alexander
Curriculum Vitae

• “Alexander Girls”, Black Orchid Gallery, Savannah, GA (2005)

Group Shows:
• “Hedonism VII, The Peep Show”, Apache, Atlanta, GA (2007)
• “Pink”, Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA (2007)
• “Looks Good on Paper”, Spruill Gallery, Atlanta, GA (2007)
• “Home Sweet Home”, Starland Center for Contemporary Art, Savannah, GA (2006)
• “Unsuspected Outlaws”, Black Orchid Gallery, Savannah, GA (2005)
• “Silverworks 2005”, Poetter Gallery, SCAD permanent collection, Savannah, GA (2005)
• “Gender Roles”, Desoto Row Gallery, Savannah, GA (2005)
• Vernissage, Lacoste, France (2003)
• Durham School of The Arts Senior Thesis Show, Durham, NC (2001)
• Durham School of The Arts Particular Visions, Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, NC (2001)
• Community Photography Contest, Carborro Arts Center, Carborro, NC (2000)
• "Youth Culture", Duke University Center for Documentary Studies, Durham, NC; in conjunction with “Fast Forward” (1999)
• Durham School of The Arts, Particular Visions, Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, NC (1999)

Shows Curated:
• “Home Sweet Home”, Starland Center for Contemporary Art, Savannah, GA (2006)
• “Unsuspected Outlaws”, Black Orchid Gallery, Savannah, GA (2005)

• Prick Magazine, Atlanta, GA/National (2006-2008)
• Creative Loafing, Atlanta, GA (2007) Press
• Columbia County Magazine, GA (2006)
• Alumni Connections Magazine, (SCAD), Savannah, GA (2006)
• Skirt Magazine, Savannah, GA (2005) Press
• Connect Savannah, Savannah, GA (2005) Press
• Savannah Morning News, Diversions, Savannah, GA (2005) Press
• The Chronicle, Savannah, GA (2005) Press
• Silverworks, (SCAD), Savannah, GA (2005)
• The Herald Sun Newspaper, Durham, NC (1999-2002)
• Coraddi (UNCG, Literary & Arts Magazine), Greensboro, NC (2001, 2002)
• Dead City Radio, WUAG, Greensboro, NC (2002)
• The Independent, Durham, NC (1999)
• The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC (1999)
• "Juvie" program, Durham School of The Arts, Durham, NC (1999)

Digital & Other:
• Sub-lit Literary (2008)
• Burn Away (2008)
• Interview for Oxygen Media television special (1999)

• Savannah College of Art & Design Portfolio Scholarship (2002)
• 3rd place N.C. Press Club H.S. Photojournalism Award (2002)
• Honorable Mention North Carolina Press Club H.S. Journalism Contest (2002)
• 3rd place National Federation of Press Women H.S. Journalism Award (x2) (2001)
• 1st place North Carolina Press Club High School Journalism Award (2001)
• 3rd place N.C. Press Club H.S. Journalism Award (2001)
• Gold Key, Scholastic Art Awards (2001)
• Gold Key Finalist, Scholastic Art Awards (2001)
• Quill & Scroll National Award (2001)
• 1st place National Federation of Press Women H.S. Journalism Award (2000)
• 1st place North Carolina Press Club High School Journalism contest (2000)
• 1st place Youth Editors Association of America Photography Award (2000)
• 5th place Community Photography Contest, Carborro Arts Council (2000)

• Savannah College of Art and Design, 2002- 2005 (B.F.A., photography major, printmaking minor, cum laude)
• Lacoste School of The Arts, Lacoste, France (study abroad summer 2003)
• The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2001-2002
• Durham School of The Arts, 1997-2001

Continuing education classes:
• Chattahoochee Technical College, 2008-2009



Postcards for Patriots

I just heard back that two of my images are being purchased for Postcards for Patriots! The organization will be selling the postcards through schools & stores to raise money for wounded servicemen & women returning from the war.  They will also be contributing to scholarship funds for children who have lost parents during their service.

Their website isn't up yet, but I will let you know when it is!



Since the weather has been so yucky recently, I felt it appropriate to share this image I took in this past year. We were driving from Oklahoma back to GA and were on the look out for tornados. There was crazy lightning all around us. It wasn't the lightning that I was used to seeing, these strikes of light were going sideways. I decided since I was in the passenger seat to try and capture some of this that was going on. I came to realize that capturing lightning, especially in a moving car, was not an easy task! After snapping away for what seemed like forever, I finally got one shot.


I need your feedback!

With the new year comes the need for new things. I'm in the process of working on new promotional material, as well as putting together postcard sets for sale. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my new work.

I want to know what your favorite images are! If you have any suggestions, critiques, etc. feel free to send those along as well. Do you like the direction I've been going in, or prefer the older stuff? I really need your help so thank you in advance. OK to leave comments on the images, or email me directly at blondeshotcreative@gmail.com


NC part 4, S&T's Soda Shoppe

My parents took us to this place in the small downtown of Pittsboro, NC and loved it. Definitely a place worth visiting. Great atmosphere, people, & food. The owner let Skip go behind the counter so we could get this "soda jerk" photo. This concludes my NC posts. 

Happy New Year

My first post of 2009, a single image (and not taken with my new lens- whoa)
 Well wishes to you in the new year!