NC part 3

Hillsboro Street, downtown Pittsboro, NC
downtown is only 3 blocks long
good old fashion wooden toys
barber shop

NC part 2

Mom & Dads house

did someone set off the fire alarm?
hey Nikita

NC part 1

Skip & I went to North Carolina for the holidays. I'll be posting a few sets from our trip. 
Part 1: Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC

Theo & The Skyscrapers

another set from the past year that I'm playing catch-up on. I got to shoot the band Theo & The Skyscrapers for Prick Magazine and write an article on them. For those unfamiliar, front woman is Theo Kogan, who was the previously lead of the band The Lunachicks, as well as an actress & model. we <3 her.


reposting the Sub-lit link since it didnt work before. And incase you have no idea what I'm talking about, Sub-lit is a digital literary and arts publication that I had some photos on a few months ago...



Happy Holidays from Jenn & Tiff

For the past few years my sister has come to visit me right before Christmas and we have done a holiday photo shoot. She is one of my favorite subjects because in the midst of getting a nice shot, I tell her to do something silly, and she does it without question. I always find outtakes as one of the most interesting parts of a photo session. Here are a few I'd like to share to add some holiday cheer.
the cute
a little sexy
a little strange
a little creepy
the shot
one glove, like Michael Jackson
I see you in the tree, her Xmas card shot
eating an ornament?

Morgan & Ben

I was recently hired to do some couple portraits of the fabulous Morgan & Ben. We took a ton of photos and here's just a few of our favorites.
"American Gothic" for their awesome Christmas cards!


Brand NEW!

Some brand new images for you...

...yes, they are done with a fisheye lens. Courtesy of KEH.