What I do, simplified

For quick reference, if you're unfamiliar with BlondeShot Creative, here's some keywords that relate to this page & what I do:

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Hello and welcome to the BlondeShot Creative blog. I have created this blog to share my current photography work with friends and family. My websites are old and outdated and I just don't have the time to re-do them the way I would like to right now.
All photography copyright Jenn Alexander.

For starters, here are the links to some old websites of mine:

The original BlondeShot Creative site
My SCAD page
SCAD page 2

And the clarify... I call it BlondeShot Creative. Not Blondes Hot Creative, Not Blonde Shot Creative, or other variation. I'm blonde, I shoot photographs (not to be mistaken for shooting liquor), and I do other creative things. ah yes, now we understand.

Hope you enjoy!