Newborn Baby William

I got invited last week to shoot this sweet baby's first set of photos… while he was still in the hospital and less than 2 days old! The session was a gift from his parents friends, so it was my first time meeting them when I walked into their hospital room. They warmly welcomed me in and allowed me to shoot it the way I wanted to, notice no typical "hospital shots", and this little guy could not have been better, he was alert and content the whole time. Thanks for having me, and congrats to the Fergusons!


Recent Articles

I have two recent articles out on Smyrna Parent… the first one mentions some local places and activities, but most of them can be found in other places as well, and is worth taking a look at if you're a parent. The second one is pretty much just for anyone (parent or not) living in or near Georgia. Enjoy :)

Out-of–the-Box Ideas to Get Some Exercise 

(With a Baby In Tow)

Animal Encounters (Beyond the Zoo and Aquarium)

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Kelly & Katie (Sisters, Part 1)

The newest set in my new(ish) "relationship series" include these two beautiful sisters. I'm breaking their shoot down into two blog posts since 1- I got so many good photos of them, and 2- We did a few totally different things in their shoot. Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!