Preview of new personal work

I haven't been posting on the blog much recently because I've been taking some time to focus on some personal projects and personal work. I have a bunch of new photos to edit over the next couple of months, but wanted to go ahead and offer a tiny preview. I'm thinking these will be part of a series or mini series, but I'm not quite sure at this time. 

As an artist and an educator, it's important to really look at your subject from different angles, investigate closely and pay attention to the details, and sometimes push comfort levels. I've been trying to do all of these things in the work I've been spending some time on recently, and have found new things about my subjects that I've never noticed before and have even seen some in a new light (literally and figuratively).

Hope you enjoy this little preview, more to come soon!


Project: Wildwood

Occasionally, I share things on this site that aren't directly photo related, and today I want to share a current project of mine, since it's such a huge part of my life at this time. I'm the director and lead educator at Wildwood, a co-op preschool enrichment program in Dallas, Georgia. I head the programming and communications, the website and blog- write the posts, take some of, edit, and curate the photos, do the design work, and lots more. We chronicle our weekly adventures, so if you have young children, you will definitely want to check it out whether you're in our area or not. I'll be focusing on this program a lot over the next couple of months, so posts on the BlondeShot Creative blog will be very light until later this year when we rev back up for the fall and winter seasons. Check out the website HERE, and thanks for the support in all of my endeavors!


Gone Fishing: Teaching Your Child to Love Fishing

Our family fishes quite often and we get asked a lot about the best fishing gear for kids and the best locations around our town. So surprise! I have a new article out today on just this topic. I talk about gear, locations, GA laws, other tips and resources, related field trips, and even talk about some of the moral issues and nature connections that happen during this activity. Read it HERE and get outside!