Specialty Print Spotlight: Metal Prints

There are many alternatives to having regular paper prints made, and one of the types of specialty prints I offer my clients are Metal Prints. MetalPrints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, your images will take on an almost magical luminescence.” - B.P. The metal prints truly are beautiful, and something to see with your own eyes. They are a unique way to exhibit your favorite portraits of the ones that you love, and compliment BlondeShot Creative's unique studio style. They can also help to turn any wall into a sleek, modern piece of art.

(The below images are scans of metal prints. Keep in mind that the glossy and matte finishes are lost on the computer screen, as are some of the true color and luminescent qualities of the finished prints. If you are a client interested in viewing examples of these in person, please let us know at your next appointment or photo session!)

We offer four finishes to choose from, along with multiple hanging and display options, and they can be printed in any size you choose. The two sheer finishes look the most like what you would think of when someone says, “metal print”. The texture and detail of the metal come through the image and finish, especially in the lighter/brighter areas of the image. 

The sheer glossy has a high gloss coating that is fairly reflective and mimics a glass top. When you change your viewpoint or slightly tilt one of these prints, it almost has a 3-dimensional feel to the image. (This is usually my personal favorite finish for most images printed on metal.)

The sheer matte doesn’t have that glass-like shine, but still has some shine from the metal itself coming through.

The high gloss and satin finishes look much more like traditional prints than the sheer finishes do, but are still noticeably printed on metal when held. They do however show more detail in the image, since the detail of the metal doesn’t show through. The satin finish is fairly matte, and the high gloss is similar to the sheer glossy in that it is very reflective and glass-like.

Similar to paper prints, I would say the colors (if using a color image) pop the most in the two glossy surfaces, both the sheer gloss and the high gloss.

The original digital image, showed for comparison in the above metal print scans

Besides the aesthetic reasons why you may choose to have a metal print made, you should also think about the images durability. This process's "image stability is 2-4 times that of traditional silver based photo papers. Because it’s so durable, you can also forgo the mattes and glass- the ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily with any commercial glass cleaner”. - B.P.

Prices for individual metal prints start at $35. Want to know more? Ask us about them at your next appointment or photo session! 


Sweaters and Shoulders Winter Mini Sessions (Preview & Signups)

The holidays are over and you could probably use a little "me" time, no? Well ladies, mark your calendars for Sunday, January the 18th, 2015, because for the first time in BlondeShot Creative history, we're offering our first ever set of ladies-only mini sessions just for you! See all of the details below.

The Sweaters & Shoulders Mini Sessions are sweet, feminine, wintry, and maybe even a little sultry. These sessions are just for the ladies (no children under 10 years old please), we'll be debuting a brand new background that we've never shot with before (note that it has a similar color palette to the above images, but is not that exact pattern), and YOU get to customize your theme beyond the "sweaters and shoulders" part. The sessions can be a perfect introduction into boudoir photography, and can be used to create a Valentine's gift for someone special. They are also the perfect option for a maternity shoot, a session with your BFF or sister, or just as an afternoon treat to pamper yourself!

Each session will last approximately 20 minutes, and includes a web album of your edited images for viewing (and sharing), and your choice of two high-resolution digital downloads. Additional images and specialty products like metal prints will also be available for purchase. The cost of one session is $30, and must be paid at the time of booking.

We will also have a professional hair and makeup stylist on hand, that is offering an add-on of $20 for a simple pro hair style, and makeup assistance. Our stylist Lauren Getz, hails from Virginia and has been in the industry for 13 years. Don't forget to bring your favorite sweater or cover-up, or borrow one of ours! We will have a few available options on hand, to fit any size lady.

A portion of all session proceeds will also be donated to a local charity group that aids area mothers and families.

We've assembled a sign-up form online so that it's super easy to choose and book your preferred time slot. Find it HERE. We're really looking forward to seeing you soon!


BSC News and End of the Year Updates!

* We are currently offering a super special New Years discount for any photo session in 2015… it's the biggest discount we've ever offered, and you only have two weeks to take advantage of it! Book any (full) portrait session before January 1st (for any time in 2015) and receive 20% off of that session!! Be sure to email us today to reserve your preferred date and to take advantage of this offer. (P.S. we now have an easy Contact Form right on the sidebar of this blog, so you don't even have to copy and paste our email address into your email system!)

* We also have a brand new Newsletter Sign up option, right on the sidebar as well. We only send out a few emails a year, so it won't clog up your inbox, and starting in 2015 we'll be offering special discounts and deals JUST for email subscribers! So go add your email to our email list, and stay up to date on all the important BlondeShot Creative news and specials.

* Did you see our recent post about the Referral and Returning Client Program? It's a super easy program that earns you FREE photo sessions! Find all the details HERE

* Did you also see our most recent article on Smyrna Parent? It's all about fun family-friendly activities in and around Helen, GA, and about where to stay while you're visiting up there. Please take a look at it HERE

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Thanks so much for following us along here, sharing our work, and a giant thank you to all of our clients!! We hope your holidays are wonderful and filled with joy, and wish you the best in the new year!

love, Jenn @ BlondeShot Creative