New Print Size Option + Free Shipping!

Ah 4"x6" prints, you were frowned upon for so long, but at this stage in life, you make so much sense! In the fine art world, "the bigger the better" seemed to be the norm. And while a huge print on the wall can still be a sight to behold, it no longer makes sense for many modern spaces. With tiny homes and apartment living, maximalist decor and gallery style walls, smaller budgets to spend on art work, and more availability of awesome art from so many different artists, smaller works tick off all those boxes. In that vein, I'm excited to tell you that I've just added this small print size to my website! You can now order a set of two 4x6 prints of your choice (mix and match from any photo gallery). This size is even perfect for gifting- they fit in a typical greeting card envelope, no extra postage necessary! All of my prints, no matter the size, are fine art quality archival prints, so they'll look top-notch in any setting and are made to last. 

And if that wasn't enough, ALL funds from sales this year go directly towards wildlife conservation work in the southeast, which I'll be putting so much of myself into this year. I'm taking on a huge (unpaid) passion project that will require a lot of personal funds to help get me there and support the work. I won't be working (paid jobs) as much this year due to the time needed for this passion project, so print sales will be one of my main sources of funding (in addition to booking private classes). So know that in addition to getting some unique new art for your walls, your purchase is also supporting lots of little turtles in need. 

Go find some small prints to your liking here- https://gallery.blondeshotcreative.com 

P.S.- All 4x6 prints ship free through February!