Gallery Walls + October Special

Happy October ya'll! I'm doing something big (or small) that I've never offered before... For the month of October (only!) I'm offering 5"x7" prints on my website! While a 5x7 size artwork might not do much for a big, blank wall on its own, in a set of prints, or a collection of prints and other items, it can really pack a powerful punch! I'm talking about GALLERY WALLS this month. 

While a gallery wall can take on so many aesthetic flavors and design possibilities, my favorite is a gallery wall that 1) includes great ART, 2) includes something personal, 3) has a "je ne sais quoi" quality or something unique about it, 4) includes a little bit of mystery, and 5) ties in a theme, either figuratively or visually. SO, if you have a photograph of mine from the series Microcosm Compositions that's been on your wish list and have a gallery wall in your home (or want to start one!), NOW is the time to get yourself one, or go ahead and save it for someone special for the winter holidays. 

To help get those of you started on your very own gallery wall or BlondeShot Creative print collection, I'm also offering four gallery prints for the price of 3 (or buy 3, get one free), which will be automatically applied at checkout. All of my prints are on professional grade photo paper, are archival quality, and coated to protect against fingerprints and UV exposure. 5"x7" size prints will only be available through October 31st.

P.S.- I'll also be doing a print giveaway on my Instagram page really soon, so if you don't already follow me there, head over and do so, so you don't miss your chance to win a free print!

P.P.S.- If you need a little "gallery wall" inspiration, I have made a pin board of fantastic wall displays HERE