NEW Art Kits added!

Two new art kit options are now available!

Limited Edition "Ocean Waves" Kit includes: 1 charcoal crayon, 1 swirled recycled crayon, 1 charcoal pigment, 1 colored earth pigment, 1 aqua liquid pigment, 1 container of mica, 1 muslin collection bag, 1 seashell*, 12 sheets of 3"x5" watercolor paper, and medium wood box. All containers and packaging in this kit is plastic-free!

*Shell is hand-picked from the SE coast and can be used as a paintbrush rest and/or a small pigment dish for mixing the powdered pigments with water in. Seashells vary from kit to kit.

+ 10% of the sales from these limited edition kits will be donated to help the fight for ocean (and ocean animal) conservation!

Kit Refill includes: 1 charcoal stick, 1 crayon (your choice of charcoal, or in-stock recycled color), 1 pigment (your choice of in-stock color or charcoal).

The refill is perfect for if you've previously purchased a kit, have run out of materials and need to restock it, OR if you purchase one of our smaller kits and want an add-on of additional colors.

Find my handmade art kits here- https://blondeshotcreative.shootproof.com/gallery/ArtKits/