New Earth Art Classes - Fall/Winter 2019

I'm excited to announce my next session of Earth Art classes for homeschoolers! 

The Earth Art Fall/Winter 2019 Session theme is THE ART & SCIENCE OF SEA TURTLES. We'll focus on an intersection of art and science as we discuss how and when art and science may come together to support each other, and how this combination can be used for good. We'll focus on Georgia's sea turtles as our scientific subjects, and students will learn a bit about sea turtle biology, nesting behaviors, threats they face, and ways we can help them. We'll role-play as biologists in the field, and will get to use (simple) math and science to support our understanding of our subjects. After gaining an understanding and falling in love with these special creatures, we'll use our knowledge and sensibilities to inspire a final work of art. 

Registration is now open. Full details and registration can be found HERE