New Website Launch!!

It's WEBSITE LAUNCH DAY!! I've been working for months trying to get a new website up... It's kind of my least favorite part about being an artist, and after having my child some X number of years ago, I just couldn't keep up with maintaining one. BUT, I've finally got one back up and running and have been working on updating it, this blog, and my Facebook page with my current focus. Although it's all a work in progress, it'll never get released if I keep waiting for it to be perfect. 

The new site focuses on my current fine art series and projects, and also offers an easy way to order photo and canvas prints, and the art kits I make. I (responsibly) forage for natural materials and then hand make them into safe, healthy, and eco-friendly art supplies.

I'd love it if you'd take a few minutes to look around and share with others! It's a free and easy way to support me and my work. 

And if you need a new art piece for your wall, or love to create and want something you (or your kids) will love to create with, ordering something is pretty easy too. PLUS, I'm offering discounts on items in my shop until June 21st, 2019, so you have a few weeks to figure out what you want and grab something at a discounted price. Save 10% off a "middle" or "deluxe" art kit with code: ARTKITLAUNCH. And save 15% off all print and canvas print purchases with code: LAUNCH15.