Blue Marble Stew- Part 2

The photo series (newly titled) Blue Marble Stew came about in 2018 from an impermanent art project for a kids art class I was teaching. I wanted to provide many natural materials, with some recycled objects, and a few toys in the mix to create temporary art pieces that once photographed, were then completely disassembled and wiped away. After that class project was complete, it made sense to continue in the same vein and to try and meld big, heavy, important environmental topics, with the lightness and playfulness of toys and found objects that may appeal to children.

My own daughter loves to create together- entire sets to play with including the main subjects, accessories, and a background or environment (the main character, a doll or animal, is never enough in these situations). Relating these playtime ideas of creating sets and then having to clean them all up, with the things that are happening on our planet such as habitat loss and the uncertain future of many species, is something I'm hoping to showcase in these mini narratives. All of the images are created by stacking 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects flat on paper, photographing it in natural light with a cell phone (professional camera equipment would completely change the vibe of this series), and then erasing the set as if nothing had been there, similar to what may be in store for planet Earth's future.

The two newest pieces to join this series are:

If you missed it, you can view part 1 here.