New Personal Work (Microcosm Compositions Series)

I first debuted a few of these photos last year to show some new personal work I had done. Over the past year(ish), I've added some more, taken some out, shown a few in art exhibitions, added some other ones, and taken more out. It's an on-going series, but I wanted to post an update on the batch I currently have as a set, including some of the images I haven't shown yet. The series is still yet to be titled, but my vision statement and the few that have individual titles (along with descriptions of what you're looking at) are listed below.

By bringing objects from nature into a studio setting, I am able to look past the obvious, observe it in detail, and even find little surprises and treasures in the process. By lighting a skull in a similar way to one of my portraits, I can breathe some life back into it. I hope to inspire others to pause and more carefully inspect our natural world and be awed by it's complexity and beauty.

Previously posted: Deer skull with teeth

New: Opossum skull
New: Shark, deer, and alligator teeth
New: Beaver tooth
New: Turtle shell
Previously posted: Deer skull from behind, with wasp nest inside. Title: Apocrita Apartment. 
Previously posted: Deer skull. Title: Luminous Odocoileus.
New: Deer antler