Pin-Ups at The Art Station, Big Shanty

It has become a yearly tradition that my daughter and I work on some art pieces together to put into this annual all-ages art show at The Art Station. I usually work on something different than I would normally exhibit, and just enjoy the process of taking time to create together. This year, we themed our entries to go together, as "underwater" pieces. We each created a Gyotaku (fish) print, which we worked on during my summer Earth Art session, and then Gemma painted "Sea Ball" with watercolors and homemade rock paints, and I re-worked a 3-color etching I had created a few years ago. I had been thinking about how I could update some of my older work that I have sitting around, and this was the perfect time to do some experimenting. I went back into the piece and added a little watercolor, and homemade rock, mineral, and patina paints to it, to add some texture, depth, and more color variation. 

This is a fun little show that is family-friendly, and will be up until September 29th for viewing.