Babywearing Photos 2016

For the third year in a row I offered Babywearing Mini Sessions in celebration of International Babywearing Week. This year due to time constraints I only offered a few sessions (in comparison to the 10+ previous years), but also changed it up a bit and allowed each mother to choose their own background. Babywearing is such a wonderful thing and can be such a special time in a parent and child's life. All three of these beautiful mothers are ones that I shot in previous years, which made it event more special... looking back at how each of these kids and their families have grown is magical, and I'm so honored that they have let me into this part of their lives (for multiple years). 

One of the babywearing mamas sent me this message after receiving her images... "These pictures are everything! I am so in love! It's going to take me a while to pick out all the ones I like. They are literally my favorite ever. They capture all the moments of being a parent that I love. Thank you so much!" It's things like this that help keep me going when I get a little over scheduled and start feeling a bit worn down. Knowing how important the photographs I get to take are and how much my clients love them makes it all worth it when you're trying to balance your own family and children, career, and self. Thank you mamas for another wonderful year of babywearing love and photos!

And now, a little bit of babywearing past...