Ava and Family (+ behind the scenes)

I had a wonderful family session this past weekend with this little cutie, her sweet parents, and Nana too! It's been raining pretty much every day here for the past month, so I was preparing us all that morning to be shooting in the rain (it was raining on my way there, but stopped temporarily just for our shoot!). Regardless of the weather though, Ava's smile brought a little sunshine to our session. 

It was also obvious is was "that time of year" (for holiday photos) because when we arrived, there were two other photographers and families shooting at our location, and by the time I left about an hour or so later, an additional four were there! And because it is "that time of year" (when you should already have your holiday sessions booked, or should be booking a last-minute session now), I also wanted to take the opportunity to share a little "behind the scenes" stuff with you, in case you've never shot with me before. As a viewer, you may see the two images from any particular session that I upload to my Facebook page, or the 5-8 photos I may upload here to the blog. But what you don't see, unless you are the client, is the album of edited images I provide to the client to choose their selected images from, which for a full or regular session is typically filled with 25+ photos in it. 

So I shared one "sneak peek" photo on Facebook (view here) the day of the session, am now sharing a selection of images (below) on the blog, and am sharing with you the viewer, this one time, what this clients album looks like (click HERE). Hopefully this will give you a better idea what you'd receive if you were to book a shoot with me, and give you plenty of opportunities to see Ava's great smile and little personality too ;)