My Vintage Camera Collection, part 3

More toy cameras from my personal collection. Most of these are recent additions...

Chatter-Pal- by Mattel. Pullstring toy that has six photo sayings like "Don't close your eyes", "Say Cheese-Cheese", and "Watch the birdie- chirp chirp". 1972. 
"Smile" toy camera- Unknown. Push the button and the lens lights up and it says "smile", and "1-2-3". c. 1980's.

Camera Organ- by Wan Yo Toys. Play each key on the top like a piano. c. 1980's.
My First Buddy's Fun Camera- Buddy L Corp. Advance lever changes colors inside the viewfinder. 1988.
Music Box Movie Camera- Fisher Price. With four picture disks. You put in a disk, wind up music box, and pull trigger… the slides rotate in viewfinder. c.1968.

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