Ruby Falls Christmas Underground

It's been a holiday tradition of ours that every year we choose a special light display or holiday event to attend, and preferably a new one that we haven't been to before. This year, we headed back to Chattanooga, TN (only about an hour and a half drive from North Atlanta). We visited Rock City for their Enchanted Garden of Lights (we went a few years ago, but it was a first for Gemma), and we also visited Ruby Falls Christmas Underground, which none of us had been to before. It was a great little experience that we'll definitely do again in the future. The Christmas part was separate from their normal falls tour, which was a little deceiving from their site, but it was done quite well. You take the elevator all the way down to the cave tunnels, then walk down one that is lit and decorated for the season. At the end of the tunnel, you'll meet Santa. He gives the kids a "wish" and then on your way back through they get to put their wish into a wishing well, and there are three other stops along the way with little activities to do, all involving gemstones. Since Gemma means "jewel" or "gemstone", it felt a little extra special for us :)

putting her "wish" in

testing her joystone 

joystone testing 

showing off her grade A joystone 
about to "pan" for gems

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