Road Trip Highlights

For the past 5 years (minus one year), we've taken a pretty epic road trip during the summer. This year we drove from GA to St. Louis, then Branson, MO, then to Oklahoma City, and Plano, TX, to Baton Rouge, LA, and then home (with a lunch stop in New Orleans). A few of the stops were specifically to see family or friends, and a few of the stops were just for fun. We also stopped along the way in various states just for roadside attractions. Here are a few of the highlights (not necessarily in order)…

The St. Louis Arch-

The Museum of Osteology, Oklahoma City-

The Awakening Buried Giant, Chesterfield MO-

 Somewhere along Route 66-

Branson, MO-

The World's Largest Toy Museum, Branson, MO-

One more stop to share, but it needs it's own post...