A Photo Book Idea FOR Children

Here's an easy little photo book idea to make for the kiddos. Take photos of family members, friends, pets, and/or even every day objects that you want your baby or toddler to be familiar with and learn. Label the photos with their names and go through the book with them pointing and saying the name. Later, ask "where's so-and-so" and let them find them and point them out. 

This is a great idea to get familiar with faces that live far away that they don't get to see often, or maybe new faces that are coming to visit during those "stranger shy" times. It's also great for them to associate names and faces with pets, animals, or objects. Be sure to also include a photo of them (and update it as they grow)- babies love to see themselves! 

I prefer this project done with a cheap photo album with sleeves, so that you can slip the photos in and out when things change and you need to update the images.