My Favorite Vintage Photographs (from my personal collection)

Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite vintage photos (all original prints) that are from my own collection, because who doesn't love looking at cool vintage stuff? Sadly, the photographer is "unknown" for most of them.

This one is pretty large (the largest vintage I own) and mounted to board. The details are crisp and the finish is matte.
No idea who this race car driver is, but I have tried researching it and come up empty handed... anyone know?

The above four images I bought as a set, and are 11x14. I love how the photographer used lace as a border in the darkroom.

Two words- baby butt.

Below left: Print in a vintage cardboard frame. Right: A Tintype. Bottom: Bettie Page print (I'm not sure this is an original print, but it's from an original negative.)

A Stereoscope/ Stereo View Card

A special family photo

Plus, I love my entire collection of vintage family photos and thought they were worth mentioning as a whole.