Oh Boris... If you've been reading here for any length of time, or if you're a client who has come to my home studio space, then this sweet dog face should look familiar to you. Well, unfortunately today's post comes with sad news as our furry boy unexpectedly passed away last weekend. Our hearts are heavy and although I occasionally share glimpses of my personal life here, I try not to get too detailed into it. After thinking about it for a few days, I felt like even though this is something a little more personal than I would want to share here, that he deserved his own post today. He has not only been the best dog in the world- no joke, he was super well behaved and everyone loved him- but he has also played the role of model for me more times then I can count. When I needed to test a new technique or piece of photographic equipment before doing a full-blown test shoot with a person, I would first call on Boris since he was always by my side and willing to sit for photos (he was a way better sitter than Swampy is!). So here are a few of my favorite shots from over the past couple of years... I had not posted the first three anywhere yet, until now. The first two shots were taken just a few days before he passed, and are the last photos of him I would take. RIP booger. We miss you.