Recent Articles and Things

* DIY Ideas to Customize Your Camera Strap (photo above)
* How-To tutorial on how to cover your point-and-shoot camera strap friendship bracelet style
* Maternity Photo Session Tips

Video (I recently directed my first videos ever):
* KEH Camera- Who We Are and What We Do
* Why To Buy Used Camera Equipment

* Now, you may have noticed that I've cut back on the amount of blogging and social media sharing I've been doing recently. There's a few reasons for this... 1- I'm extremely busy with work and non-work related things, such as buying and fixing up a new house. 2- I recently accepted a new position at KEH. I'm still running the blog over there, as well as writing articles about photography and cameras, but I'm also doing many other things including marketing and branding, social media, special projects, etc. which means I'm on the computer for this new position even more, and by the end of the day, my eyes are very tired of looking at a screen. So, what this means is just that you will be seeing less postings from me over the next few months, but I'll still be around every now and then.