DIY His and Hers Fall Accessories

A fun fall weekend project for making accessories for him and her... make a bolo tie and a fox scarf.

For bolo tie: Find a vintage pendant or button (kind with a loop on the back, not with holes through the front). For a pendant, make sure that you can drill 2 small holes at the top, or at least attach an O-ring to it so that cord will fit through it. For a button, just put both ends of a leather cord through the button hole, leaving space on the loop end of the cord for a head to fit through. At both ends, add some beads and tie a knot at the ends so that the ends are prevented from being able to be pulled through. Put the tie around your neck and move the pendant or button up and down to adjust.

For fox scarf: This is way easier than you may think, and the sourced item might seem a little odd, but it works perfectly. The main item for this scarf is a fox toy... from Petsmart. They have fox and raccoon dog toys that don't have any filling in them for about $6. Start by cutting the tag off and then make an incision into both ends that contain squeakers. Remove the squeakers and then sew the slits back up. Tuck the back legs under the body and sew a few stitches from the legs to the underneath side of the body so that the legs don't come out when being worn. Then, sew 2 clasps onto the fox- one at the top side of the tail end, and one to the bottom side of head end. You can use necklace clasps, snaps, or anything else that will hold the two ends together.
Both projects can be made for under $10 each, and only takes about 20 minutes per piece. Materials can be found at craft and/or fabric stores.