KY part 3- Dinos, Caves, and more.

Next up in the Kentucky trip photos we visit Dinosaur World in Cave City...

This kid was so cute. I told him I liked his hat and he chased me down doing a dinosaur scare walk yelling at me to take his picture. 

Once we left Cave City, we headed down to Bowling Green and went to the Lost River Cave, an underground river that runs through one of the many caves of Kentucky. We took a boat ride down part of the river in the dark caverns beneath the city.

One part of the cave was so low that we had to duck our heads really low so we didn't hit them on the cave ceiling. 

In the 1930's they opened an underground night club at the mouth of the cave since there was no air conditioner and this was the coolest place to be. 

And some random fun signs from around Bowling Green...

Up next, Nashville!