AK- The beginning and the end

Well, I warned you that I would be jumping around in the timeline a bit... I decided to post the very beginning of the trip, and the very end of the trip today. I think it's probably because I'm feeling a little sour towards Seattle right now, since I know that my day being soggy there is what has made me sick since I've been home.

Starting with some photos from the plane...
plane wing diptych- going and coming

about to leave the Seattle airport for Juneau
leaving the Juneau airport... see the float planes?

first stop in Seattle- giant hat and boots, what else?

second Seattle stop- giant troll under the bridge. the space needle was not on our tour!

the weather wasn't too great... rainy as usual
the Market and signs

in the P.M., watching a friends big band play

The trip started out rough as we had a 5 hour delay in our own airport due to bad weather, which put us in Seattle for our layover sometime around 3 am the next morning. By the time we arrived in Juneau however, it was all smooth sailing from there. 

On the return trip home we had another day layover in Seattle since there's only one flight out of Juneau a day, and no direct flights to Atlanta. We spent the day in the rain going on a mini "funny things of Seattle" tour where we saw the hat and boots, the troll under the bridge, and a large rocket ship. We ate a delicious lunch followed by amazing cupcakes at a local bakery, then walked around the market area for a bit. Unfortunately the places we closing up shop, so we didn't get to see much action in the "fish throwing" area. We then ate another amazing meal for dinner and closed the night with watching a friends band perform. 

Now if only this stupid cold would go away.