Miniature Animals, take 2

Last year I visited Tanglewood Farms in Canton, GA for the first time and fell in love. This year, I brought Skip back with me and we had such a great time. Tanglewood is a miniature animal farm that is open to the public and lets you come in and pet, brush, hold, and feed the animals. I love going in the Spring before it gets too hot and when the babies are running around. Here's a few shots from this years trip...

Dwarf goats- I want some!

Sweet baby miniature lamb

Me holding a baby dwarf goat

Me again with a baby miniature alpaca (I took goofy-faced photos with all the animals... so excited!)

Skip feeds the alpacas

This baby mini cow either loved me or just liked the way I tasted- I got so many licks!

The farm has miniature: goats, sheep, cows, horses, donkeys, alpacas, a buffalo, and many more. Well worth the drive out if you're in the area!