Easter shelf 2011

This past weekend we were very productive around the house and I still had a little extra time to decorate for Easter...

Lots of bunnies! I <3 bunnies... I have a bunny tattoo (a matching one with my husband), and my first pet ever was a bunny. He was white with red eyes and I names him Snowball. 

My newest decoration. Found it a few weeks ago at a little antique shop.

And my second newest decoration (on the right), also scored a few weeks... a lovely gift from my friend Jessica- she knows what I like! Can you guess what it is other than an awesome bunny decoration?...

It's a record! And it plays!!! I didn't believe it until I actually played it. There's a story on one side and a song on the other. Why have I never seen anything like this before? Now I want an entire collection of these.